Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 14/06/2010
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Okay, so i didn't meditate or anything, but i definitely felt spiritual. I was with my friend under his house when i tried salvia for the first time. And wanting to fully experience it, i tried 80x. As i took a massive hit, Everything around me morphed, and zoomed out. And before i knew it, I was looking at The world from space. But not as if Earth was where i lived, but I actually was far bigger. I could see people walking down streets. And testing my strength yelled at them to cease walking. And in that instant I was humbled. For i wasn't larger than the world, but instead I realised I shrunk and went into a sort of micro-universe. It hit me profoundly to know just how small i was in the universe. I was nothing. It lasted a lifetime in the microverse. I ruled them with a iron fist, but just as suddenly as it started, i was coming back to reality. My friend told me i kept petting the grass while laughing unconntrollably. Definitely worth it


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