Salvia Trip

Salvia + hash + 5- Meo - DMT


Posted by Anonymous on 18/06/2007
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Type/Strength:10x salvia
Dosage:3 hits
Method of Ingestion:smoked through bong

First i put the salvia in to stop the yopo seed and hash from melting down into the bowl clogging it then put a little more on top to help the taste out a bit, the only reason for hash was to help stop the nausea that ive had with recent experiences with 5-meo-dmt, but somehow it all got mixed up into this wonderful feeling of who knows what the hell....

i took 3 giant hits of this combination and it left me with the feeling of all three of these substances, it just felt absolutely wonderful.(except for the 5-meo-dmt head pressure) i layed down after and closed my eyes to see if the salvia in some way may have been enhanced by the other two, it was. so while my eyes are closed i get this strange visual of a naked woman emerging and just waking up from a blooming flower of some sort out in the middle of space, and she just laid there yawning and such as the flower continued to bloom. after the flower was done blooming she looked at me and then the whole visual just burst into like pixie dust or something (i dunno) then i opened my eyes and just began laughing uncontrollably...still feeling the effects of the 5-meo-dmt (not so much the hash until just recently) i walked into my room and laid on my bed and began melting to it, or so it felt, and the visuals i was having just laying there had a sense of vibration to them and my vision would blur in and out...after the actual experience wore off i was left with a sense of not being real for about 10 minutes or so.

very interesting experience, if it were not for the head pressure the 5-meo-dmt causes it would have been the most awesome experience in my life i would say.


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Posted by cliffhanger68w on 04/08/2009
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I give it a 4 because the of the naked women, I mean come on that makes every dream better. If it would have continued on instead of bursting away then it would have been awesome.

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