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Salvia - Pure insanity


Posted by Anonymous on 18/05/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I decided last night to try salvia, It was 20x, and I was out camping with my buddies. My friend's dad had just dropped him off and only recently left. I inhaled some salvia, and for some reason thought my friend's dad was going to come back, which was pretty sketch if i was on salvia, so I walked off to take a leak to buy some time.

I made it probably 10 steps before feeling anything. Then, all the trees started to blend together and my friends in the distance sounded all messed up and extremely distant. When I finished taking a leak I embarked on my journey back over to my friends. It probably only took about 10 seconds, but it felt like an eternity; Everything around me melted away and I was left in this land of pure insanity. I could see all my friends fine, but it appeared as though their figures were cut out and pasted onto a background of crazy flashing colours, which was like a whole other universe. I kept yelling "It's like a cartoon world!!"

Everyone decided to go for a walk, and I was still tripping pretty hard. I knew at this point that I was tripping, but I really had to focus myself to walk without assistance. The sky and the trees all blended together and my feet appeared as if they were their own entity, not a part of me anymore. I can't even explain the feeling I had when going for a walk on this stuff.

Later, at the campfire, I took another hit. It hit me sooo fast. I almost instantly went back into this world of insanity, but this time it was worse. I completely forgot I was in a chair, and thought I was a part of a tree. I could not see where I was anymore. I could only see the heads of my friends, and they were constantly whirling around all over the place. I would get these momentary glimpses of the actual world, and this really frightened me because I though I might get lost in this "new" world and never come back. My friends really started pissing me off for no reason, and I yelled at them for a while. I slowly drifted back to reality after this...

I probably won't do salvia again, it was pretty scary both times. I did laugh for a good portion of both of them, and a few contributing factors made me already uncomfortable before the trip. Actually, I might do it again, but not for a couple months at least.

PS: I didn't exaggerate anything in my post. Sh*t was crazy.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 06/03/2009
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If you do not go out to find fear, fear finds you. Or even worse, fear never finds you.

Good report

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