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Salvia 10x first time.


Posted by Anonymous on 23/06/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

Hi, I ordered 1g of salvia 10X from a website and it was delivered today, I had planned to meet a friend to sit me whilst i tried the salvia, however he canceled on me and i didn't want to wait till tomorrow so i did it alone. i used a small glass pipe, with metal gauze in the bowl. I put about .2g of the salvia into the bowl, i lit (with a proper salvia lighter) and took the smoke back. The smoke was harsh and took me back a bit at first, i tried to hold in for 30 seconds but only managed about 15 - 20. At first i didn't feel anything, then about 30 seconds later my muscles felt weak, about 30 seconds after this i put another .1g into the bowl and took back again. I just felt a bit drunk if anything and i got this strange feeling like there was water running down my face when it was in fact dry, i felt like this for about 5 minutes then it just gradually faded away.
I was a bit disappointed overall, as i had read about so many great salvia trips on the internet. I don't no wether its because the dose is to weak (10X) to little (.2/3g), because i used a pipe or just because it was my first time. I'm going to try again tomorrow with a home made water bong, hopefully this will be better!


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 06/24/2009
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Don't even worry about it. I had a very intense 1st experience that was a shattering of the shell I was in, but didn't know it. Time has been changed forever. Weird statement if you meditate on it for a while.

But later also had many very normal concious experiences at different dosages and strength with no out of body or alien strange visions. I did learn that I could actually use Salvia in very light smoke doses to regulate relief of lower back pain and improve mood. Also, alot of very creative thinking and ideas would come from time to time.

But what I really want to tell you is this: Salvia has it's own agenda and space / time reality. When I least expect it, Salvia smoke sessions completely engulf me in beautiful death experiences and I am allowed to return and wonder. Other times there are momeents of fear or even terror, but I always return with a renewed peace about why I had found Salvia by accident in the first place.

So fear not / or fear my friend , because Salvia will teach you fear, death, life, respect.

Thanks for the report.


Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/06/2009
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I didn't trip a lot on my first try, so keep it up. Be sure to get a big inhale of smoke, and try to hold it for 30 seconds. Like GreenDragon333 said, Salvia has its own agenda. Keep on trying.

Are you using a water pipe/bong? A good bong with cold/iced water works like a charm.

If after repeated tries you don't get anything, it may be the quality of salvia you ordered. I'd try a different company if need be. I use Bouncing Bear Botanicals and Salvia Zone. They are the best out there.

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