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Posted by Anonymous on 02/11/2008
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Method of Ingestion:Raw Leaf and Extract

Interestingly I found two articles that appear to be in a series of articles in which an experiment is done involving the ingestion of Salvia.


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Posted by Circadian Rhythm on 11/04/2008
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Responsible research of this nature should be encouraged at any level.. personal, as a group, or as a professional laboratory.

There are many kinds of fruits as there are also many types people to consume them as there are as many types of cultures to add their own excellence to ensure the flavors are of the finest qualities.

It isn't often in life that an opportunity exists so that the benefits of any idea can benefit the whole that are the WHOLE. There is only one world and there is only one whole.

Therefore, let all of us carefully consider the benefit to the WHOLE.

In this wheel of time that so many seem to agree about this is a very good baseline and acceptable.

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