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Posted by andyb on 17/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

What was most interesting about this experience was that it was the experience where I overcame my fear of salvia. I hesitate to say that I fully overcame that fear but at least I now feel like I can take salvia again without as much trepidation.

Ever since my first hit I have been petrified of taking salvia but I felt that it was the key to expanding consciousness that I have been after so I persevered. After a light level 3 hit on my second attempt I felt better about control but was still very scared.

Experiences 3 and 4 were almost a waste of time. I achieved only level 1 on each attempt and chickened out of going any further. This time I was determined not to quit until I felt that point at which I knew I was no longer in control. It took just over an hour of doing a very small amount of salvia every five minutes to reach that level. I almost got there a couple of times but just slipped back. These were good because they helped me realise that I could be comfortable giving in to salvia and did not need to fight the experience.

Eventually I reached the point I was searching for. What I experienced was a kind of monochrome plasticity of consciousness. I felt as though my consciousness was trying to escape this plastic-ness which was a sort of treacle like 2D wave. I was pleased that each time I thought of trying to escape I had the awareness to just tell myself to go with it. It felt like being on a mental rollercoaster. My mind twisted and turned and went up and down in the treacle-plasticy stuff. I say “in the treacle-plastic stuff” but that is not right since my mind actually was that stuff. There was also something that I cannot put into words about the experience and that was somehow related to our emerging consciousness being sort of related to the head of a penis emerging from the foreskin. Don’t ask me what that means because I’m not sure at all.

I came away with the realisation that all conscious thought is based in this plastic substance and that even our greatest thinkers are mired in it. All thought that proceeds from it is of a material nature and so is fundamentally flawed. To get beyond this one must move to the next level of consciousness – that of God/universal consciousness etc.

It was not a particularly profound experience but it was exactly what I needed in terms of being a very gentle experience yet one which I was not in full control of so that I could practice giving myself to salvia with abandon.


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