Salvia Trip

Salvia Hammers you FLAT then folds you neatly in half. - Sea Mac


Posted by Anonymous on 17/06/2008
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Dosage:2Hits 2Trips
Method of Ingestion:Straight Glass Pipe/ Jet Flame

Okay I've submitted before a long time ago in level 4, but it wasnt anything like as strong as this, but this only fits here, i may have been optimistic with the level 4, being a beginner i havent really reached anything big yet, but i think this was an extremely strong level 3 because sally isnt ready to show me more yet

anyway so i havent thought about salvia for a long time, almost a year, when i was rung up by a friend who has once tried leaf with me before, asking to give it another go, so i dug out my 20x thta was sat in a draw ect

blah blah useless information goes here

we got to our local bike jumps where nobody goes

i packed a big bowl and hit it hard

the old feeling came rushing back and i suddenly was holding my pipe in one hand and lighter in the other, out in fromt of me parallel with my body, my world was suddenly very small and turned into a square 'C' shape as wa the shape of the bench with me in the connecting seat. but i felt that the world had turned into the 3 parallel dimensions and i was the bridge between two of them, i couldnt move my pipe or lighter because i didnt know how to cross the dimensions, when i was asked to put it down by my friend who had now turned into a guide for me to control these dimensions everything became the three flat dimensions and nothing could cross the boundaries.

i was hammered flat

this wore off after a while, my frinend smoked a bowl and had a similar flattening experience but quite different also, but thats another story.
we talked of the experiences for a while decided to hit it up again

this time i began laughing hard and decided to calm myself by closing my eyes.
when i closed my eyes i felt i was really part of the world ad there were 2 dimensions, red and green. i was the red, warm and safe a circle in a sea of green. i was enjoying the comfort when i felt a being watching over me, i knew she was powerful and that she would not let me stay for long. she began to split the red circle like a pie chart slowly disappearing, i was being folded as part of the red dimension very slowly, at one point i doubted her power and she delayed the folding for a second but kept going

the two flat peices of pie crossed and the world flowed like a sea and suddenly i was watching as the green flooded in, i knew it would take me away from the safe warmth of the red area, and i felt it wash over me and suddenly i felt a chill that i had known would happen when the green hit me, i shivered and opened my eyes. this was much more intense than i can describe with words.

afterwards i knew i had my first real encounter with Lady S, she kept me warm an peaceful while also folding me, to demonstrate her power in a scary but also caring way letting me know everything was going to be ok, like a mother teaching a child a harsh but nessecery lesson.

She folded me and my world in half

after drawing out the shapes and stages of the dimension being folded, i remembered a peice of advice i heard a long time ago

Salvia Hammers you FLAT then folds you neatly in half.

the advice i was given on my first post here by sea mac

i expected it to be true, but it was shown to me in a completely different way than i could ever imagine, i want to thank you for that Mac and i hope this post finds you well


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