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Salvia is fucked


Posted by Anonymous on 09/06/2009
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Type/Strength:X 20
Method of Ingestion:Pipe

So Salvia is becoming a big thing and of course I wanted to try it. I took a nice hit and held it in for 30 seconds and exhaled, one second later and my entire body was tingling, I looked up at my friends but it seemed like I couldn't look up at them, it was overwhelming, I kept trying to get back to reality which just messed me up because then I felt like I couldn't escape. It was like I was looking up but evertime I did the entire place was filling up with water and everytime I'd look up I'd escape the water but it kept filling up over my head over and over again (I didn't see water)

I don't remember what I saw after that but what scared me was the fact that I couldn't talk and that I felt like I was having a very realistic dream but with my eyes open. It was frightening and I remembered thinking that I would never again touch any drug. But I'm willing to give it a second chance, I think Salvia is something you need to get used to doing before having a good trip because it really isn't what you expect.


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Posted by Synchronium on 06/09/2009
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Heh, this is why I recommend new users start with 5x. You won't be too freaked out (which is disappointing for some), but you can work your way up, appreciating everything salvia has to offer. :)

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