Salvia Trip

Salvia IS NOT LSD !!!


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 16/10/2008
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Type/Strength:Xtrct/ 5
Method of Ingestion:smoked in a water bong

for all of you so called journalists this is a report of true journalism

i say if you didn't try even the smallest pinch then you should not write as if you know anyhting.. i defer to Carlos Castenada (do a google) and learn about real journalism

i am close to writing my own accounts so i can appear on OPRAH or some stupid dumb show to speak about what?

if you don't know keep your yappy mouths shut !!!

if you do know then maybe you should keep your yappy mouths shut !!!

of course then that would include me wouldn't it

just watch listen and learn is my advice

by the way.. this is not for childen or teenagers looking for a cheap thrill.. so after you try it and you can write about it then tell all of us if this may be a nugget of wisdom?


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Posted by gibsonrocker09 on 11/07/2008
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i will start here
i remember being very curious one day with a friend at her house. i remember hearing about the new legal "high" and i figured i would go and get some to try it out.
i go and buy a glass bubbler and a gram of 40x Purple Sticky Salvia. when we smoked it i didnt feel anything at first, then in about 5 seconds i felt my eyes start to like fade away from reality and my trip began.
i will admit the trip was kinda scary at first, im not sure why but it was, i started seeing everything spin and become odd colors then it hit me even harder and next thing i know im seeing 4 different worlds at once, one world was were i was at my friends house smoking, but what was weird was i could see myself just sitting there with them. Another world was some strange dark tunnel like i was in a subway or something familiar to that. Another world was kinda creepy cuz it seemed as though i was in a dark factory with many machinery with lots of metal everywhere and with a fog floating through, but everything only visible thanks to red streaming lights. The last world was weird cuz i could see my family sittin back at home watching tv. i think what scared me was my mind was telling me i had to choose a world that i was actually in and if i chose the wrong world i would be lost forever. i kinda sit there for a while and wonder. the trip starts to fade away and i get stuck with the world of being at my friends house. it took my about 15 minutes to realize that it was just a weird creepy trip
weird right???


Posted by recyclablewaste on 11/22/2008
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I respect your experience, just not your ability to convey it without dismissing any other persons experience with Salvia.

Re-read what you wrote. You didn't even touch on explaining your pinch-trip. Not one word of what you wrote did anything but tell everyone they were wrong about Salvia and should keep their "yappy" mouths shut. Hypocritically even citing someone you yourself respect for "real journalism" before what I thought was going to be an explanation of your experience. Something, anything I could read to "see/feel" what you did.

I have tried Salvia in every dose I can imagine (I'm approaching it scientifically to figure it out). And you're right, without those small doses, I wouldn't have as great of an understanding of what Salvia does as I believe I do. But please, do you think anyone wants to read this if "trip" if you don't even talk about it? You're wasting time of your own and others by doing so.


Posted by Cerb on 01/08/2009
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One question: What?

You mention great journalists and diss others without even being able to form a coherent sentence yourself. Punctuation is nearly non-existent here.

And what of your trip?


Posted by Ragabash on 05/19/2009
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I'd like to know more about the particulars of your experience- dosage, duration of peak, if you moved around physically, etc. This also doesn't seem like a stage 1 trip. More like 4 or 5.

That said, the description of existing at many places at once sounds fascinating. The idea of having to choose sounds downright metaphoric. Perhaps there is a moral in this trip somewhere?


Posted by grimjim on 09/08/2010
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Methinks GD was writing a thread of trips. Read his other posts to understand the overall conversation! In particular re the ref to journalism as comments by other people.


Posted by on 12/21/2011
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i think he punchuated it twice to symbolize how when u die your life repeats but doing
everything you did in a way you cant stop or control it yup yappy yappy

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