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Salvia Mother Goddess & Hyperbolic Tesselations


Posted by Anonymous on 14/09/2008
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Type/Strength:10X leaves with extract
Method of Ingestion:smoked, water filtered

My first experience with salvia. I was in a darkened room and I keep my eyes closed.
I laid on my bed and as soon as I was "taken in". My whole body felt very heavy and stuck to the bed. My heart was beating fast and I tried to relax and breathe deeply. The salvia hit me like a freight train or a tidal wave...titanic, enormous, powerful. With my eyes closed suddenly I "saw" leaves fluttering in a tesselation pattern across my field of vision and as they fluttered by they changed and turned into tropical bird feathers, colorful and bright. The tesselation pattern remained. The leaves and feathers felt so close to my face that they could have brushed my nose. It actually startled me because I thought they might! It was so sudden and fast! I started to get anxious because it came on so quick and so strong.
I thought, "Salvia, please..this is starting to scare me."
I imagined reaching out and a woman took my hand and told me I would be ok. She communicated to me that she was Mother Saliva and everything would be fine, I had nothing to fear. She told me that she was a Mother and a Protectress. I knew then that she had taken pity on me and was there to guide me through the rest of the experience. I felt so grateful. I calmed down immediately.
I then "saw" a trickling waterfall that seemed to glow with light. Droplets of water that were spraying from the water were bright and glowing.
I remember thinking, 'I can't wait to tell the others what type of experience I'm having!'
Then she said, "you need to stop worrying about what other people think!"
(an ego death type of instruction)
Then, I was back, sober and grounded.
I highly recommend meditation before using salvia. It helps put you in a good state of mind. I meditated before this experience and visualized laying flowers and placing candles at a statue representing a Goddess type figure. It was a way of showing my respect before entering "her realm".
Amazingly enough, I learned later that these are common offerings shaman make before journying and getting help from other planes of exsistence. At the time it just felt like a natural thing to do during my meditation.


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Posted by DonS on 09/20/2008
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Did you come away with any new understanding or awareness? Did you have a "sitter"? Did you try to document this in some way for yourself right after the experience (journal, recording..?)

Thank you for the report, especially about the recommendation to meditate, and the part about asking for help during the experience. When I had my first experience, I wish I'd been cognizant enough to ask for guidance through the journey.


Posted by Traveler on 02/24/2009
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Thanks for sharing and for the advice.

I'd love a description of the Goddess: facial resemblance, body type, wardrobe...


Posted by figment on 04/06/2009
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yes meditiation is a good idea, I generally have a better more focused experience after meditating, or at least breathing and focusing for a few mins before, ideally with a question in mind. Generally the "hey I think I'll just do a hit of sally" times are less rewarding and more confused. Note to self: prepare and meditate before doing salvia!


Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/03/2009
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This is an awesome post. Thank you for sharing your experience, wisdom, and insight with us.

I definitely experience a presence when I travel. I don't see Lady Salvia in bodily form (normally). I definitely also experience the ego death. That's what can scare so many people. If you go with the ego death part and flow with it you cab have some awesome experiences.

When I first started tripping, I experienced a green-man, vegetation sort of man. He told me he was called "The Crumbleenth." After I smudged my apartment with sage, he left and hasn't been back, sadly.


Posted by wolfmoon559 on 10/29/2009
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wow nice experience i can identify with it in that my trip included a blue lotus flower appearing and spinning counter clockwise and it felt like what you describe so i think what you saw was a lotus flower and the divine energy that comes from them, mine felt like a rush of forces coming down on me as i ascended through the top lotus which is the crown chakra and out the top to akasha or space, i think all of the the salvia trips link together to form a giant puzzle of all the answers we can ever want, but i know for a fact that if you see leaves and patterns of leaves that rotate , that you are seeing your chakra system , if you want more information get back to me as i have studied the effects of salvia and the chakras,lotus flower in depth, in love and light :) beautiful story thank you for sharing:)

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