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Posted by Anonymous on 08/03/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

So about one year ago I started becoming fascinated in salvia. I really just wanted to do it because I everyone one was talking about it, and I've never done anything that would make me hallucinate, and at this time I only ever smoked weed. One day my friend called me and said he got some 50x salvia, and that day I went over.

So that day when went in his room and he packed a full bowl of salvia with a little weed at the bottom out of his 2 foot glass bong. And I just took the biggest hit I could and killed the bowl. I held it in for about 25 seconds and I let it out, sat back, and my heart starting beating faster it ever has in my life.

As that starts happening my vision starts becoming very disorienting. It kinda looks like everything is flat, and just drawn, and everything looks one demention and fuzzy. This all takes place within 40 seconds. I look over to my friend and all I can say is " I'm about to be fucked up"

Right as I say that everything turns black, and I'm in a black room, and my two sitters that were standing 2 feet away from me are not 15 feet away and they look animated, and just funny. I don't really remember what they were saying but I think one of my friends said " just sit back relax its just going to get worse" but in reality he just said " sit back relax everything will be fine". But as im in that dark room theres these boxes that are sliding between my two sitters, and in these boxes are like different shapes and colors that kinda looked like planets, waves, and mountains and while I was in this " state " I looked at those boxes as dimensions or like levels of life or my life.

And after that I'm in the black room then all of the sudden,I can't move at all it feels like I have a body but I was un aware of it but it's still their. I feel like I'm being pulled ficiously in all directions, and I wa spinning very fast as if I was the wheel in the wheel of fortune but right side up. As I was spinning I saw my sitters again, one standing to the left and one standing to the right, one side is red, and the other is yellow, and they still looked animated. I felt like they were spinning me and laughing and doing all that trying to freak me out. After that I felt this energy in my body and it started at my toes and slowing krept up to the tip of my head, and as this hurtfull feeling crept up it kinda felt like I was a snake shedding it's skin, and as it moved passed my feet I could move my feet again, as it moved passed my arms I could move them again, and as it moved passed my head and mouth I could move my head and mouth. And Iost all control of my body and still of my friends bed like a snake and lifeless, my two sitters picked me up and said " your alright, calm down" and rift as he said that I came back.

When I came back I didn't feel like I was real, and I just went to another part of my brain, and I felt very closterphrobic. And I needed to go outside and breathe, I couldn't talk and think and think at the same time, it's like my mouth didn't work, I couldn't complete my sentences and my thought process was all jumbled. My body was very very numb, and I was having cold sweats and thought I was going to be like that for a long time. I felt alot of diffrent emotions while I was coming down, they were constanley changing, and I smoked a cigerrette I calmed down. But after that I felt like everything was fake and life was fake, it was a intreating thing, but the whole thing only lasted about 45-50 mins.

According to the sitters and I was tripping out for atleast 25 minutes but it really only felt like 5 minutes, they said I was talking in a very deep voice and saying " why are you pulling me" they said I stood up about 7 seven times and try to go out the door, I was un aware of any of this I thought I was just laying down the whole time. The things I felt I have never felt before in the life, the emotions, the energy, and thoughts, and the way I look at life has changed, it makes me look at stuff diffrently.

I was never really afraid but when I first starting tripping I said in my head " just calm down, il be fine" and I chilled out, but the feelings were out of this world and just very intresting, it's something you can describe to people because te feeling is undescribable. Only the people who have done salvia know he real meaning and true feeling of this herb.

I don't know if I would ever do it again, I would definatley have to put some thought into it. It was just a weird. Intresting experience. That still puts me in awe to this day.


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Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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That's a cool story. I have similar experiences about the world seeming fake, it's pretty common actually.


Posted by Mr.Salvia on 01/06/2012
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"Intresting experience. That still puts me in awe to this day"

thats exactly how i felt after my first time.. it truely is awe inspiring. Nice post

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