Salvia Trip

samantha in wonderland


Posted by sammyinthesky on 20/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:bong

I'm squatting down behind my folding closet doors in an attemp to keep the smell from traveling.

I hit it. i hit it all.
I'm holding it in, as i stand up.
my eyes scan accross the room.

i turn around, my feet at my mattress on the ground.

I look at my bookshelf. and as i see that what lines that should be parallel, and twisting and waving, i somehow feel a connection with the world of wonderland.

my bedroom didnt physically resemble anything from wonderland, but the rooms spirit was wonderland.

suddenly i stop paying attention to my flubbery bookshelf because i realize that i need to put on music right now!

I jump over my mattress on the ground exclaiming, "Ba Da Bap!" then turn on some tegan & sara.

{as i was jumping over the bed, i had the visual that i was alice,and the rabbit had me by the hand, jumping over the fence}

as i walk back over my bed, to my closet to put my bong away, i start to wonder if i had said 'ba da bap' out oud or not.

then i start to wonder if this whole situation has been happening out loud.

could my mom hear me taking to my self?

what if she knocked on my door?
im definately fucked up.
i she could look at me and see it.

i wasn't ready for that personal part of me to be shown to my mom.

i started to freak out, thinking what it would be like admiting to her what i was doing.
then i started to feel a little calmer.

i sat down to watch friends which had been playing the whole time, under the music.

i turn the music off and just watch tv.

sat there, out of that wonderland, but still felt off.

i felt just tired and lazy for the next while..

it would of been better had someone been with me, i was by myself silly me.

i had smoked it before, with other things, and it didnt seem to hae any effect when it was with something else, so when i smoked it this time,, i was not prepared for what was in store!


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Posted by shamanation on 01/21/2009
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That was quite an experience alright, but it was definately more a level 4! A sitter would be adviseable next time.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/23/2009
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Thanks for a cool report .. I really enjoyed reading it..

But tell me just what smell you were trying to keep? Where did you travel? why would you squat behind something?

I think you should offer some to your mom. I have been telling all my friends to try it but they think I am crazy. They are probably right.

They won't even let me give it to them for free. I think most people are brainwashed about new experiences and herbs and such.

It is sad that we live in a society filled with fear.

When I think about someone calling me or knocking on my door I just call them or I go outside and see who may be there with no clue I just smoked.

This is the wonderful thing about psychoactives.. you know you are there but you really need to know that no one else has a clue that your are there.

Enjoy your secret while it lasts. LOL


Posted by Mr.MojoRisin on 08/16/2010
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that was a great trip to read about sounds like it was alot of fun
to greendragon333- i feel that most people living in this modern day world really aren't ready for the magic of salvia, they wouldn't be able to control themselves and thats why you hear of so many bad first trips most people nowadays just aren't ready

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