Salvia Trip

Sat still but Moving - Pinwheel World


Posted by Anonymous on 16/01/2011
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Type/Strength:Salvia Zone Yellow
Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

Okay, so I was in the company of my best friend Abbie, and her at the time boyfriend Luke. They were comforting company and happy with what I was doing etc, and I was ready for my third trip. My two previous trips were intense, but nothing quite as defining as this. Basically I sat back against the wall on my bed, staring forward in my bedroom. No music was playing from what I remember, but I oculd be wrong as we usually used it for trips. I took like my third breath from the bong and breathed out after about 10-12 seconds and suddenly started laughing uncontrollably, which is when I knew my trip was kicking in. I sat against the wall like I said and suddenly the earth started to move, as if I was on some sort of conveyer belt or a pinwheel, and my bedroom was broken up into sections like i was seeing a bunch of sepearate houses. What I was actually looking at was the floor divided by a black rug against grey carpet, which is how I saw sections and my mind percieved this as seperate places and something much bigger. My friends to me at this point were aliens, and i associated them with this new world. I felt as if i didnt know them. I wasnt in my reality anymore, this was my new reality and i was moving along like i was on a tram, just going and going and staring at this new place. It was really interesting and very alien. I plan on having the red salvia next seeing as how i have a full packet of it, this level is supposed to be visual. Yellow WAS visual, so only God knows what red will be like. :)


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Posted by grimjim on 01/16/2011
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Ticker, ticker, ticker. The conveyer belt switch movie of time. Classic SD experience at a stronger level, well done. You sounded very calm and able to observe it almost in a disconnected way. On stronger doses, hold in mind as you go in, that its all okay, and no matter what happens, however bizarre, you will come out again fine. Ride the rapids, relax and enjoy whatever comes to you. Make sure your friends watch you, but only intervene if absolutely necessary. Have fun!

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