Salvia Trip

Scariest moments of my life.


Posted by Tokugawa33 on 09/08/2009
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Type/Strength:(salvia zone) Purple
Method of Ingestion:Grav Bong.

After exhaling the amoke, I lost all sense of reality. I truly believed for some reason that my whole life was a dream, and the trip was reality, and it scared the hell out of me. I couldnt see anything at all except weird unexplainable things. at first, all i heard was the bass of the techno music that was playing. Then I began to hear words. The words were unlike anything Ive ever heard. They kept repeating over and over until the affects wore off.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 08/09/2009
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Welcome to your eternal journey. You have crossed over the VOID.

You can never go back. But why would you?

Thanks for the report.

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