Salvia Trip

scary 2nd try


Posted by Anonymous on 15/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water fall

i got some x15 on Saturday
and was eager to try it as it was my first time.
i took the advice from the man in the head shop and just smoked a little in a bong about a 8th of a gram.
it was a weird experience the main part that i can remember was a song came on the radio that was criticizing me. talking just to me i even argued back with it i knew i was tripping so it wasn't too scary.

i told my friend at work about it on monday at work who wanted to try some
he took no notice of my warnings and packed a pipe with about 1/4 gram he experienced strong visuals that i seamed to miss out on the first time.
so when i got home i thought fuck it
and packed a water fall.

I held the flame over the sally as the water poured out and sucked the smoke into the bottle. then took it into my bedroom.
i drew the smoke back hard into my lungs and when i was full i held. but it seamed like i was still inhaling i could not seem to stop like i was blowing up like a balloon "this was the only fun part" i remember shouting no no please stop then everything went black .
i think what happened was i had a tee shirt hanging on a chin up bar at my bedroom door and i some how got tangled up and lost in it.
after the blackness i was in my living room i had no idea that i had smoked salvia or who i was. i remember thinking that some how i had rubbed my personality out and it was never coming back .this made me panic "alot".
when i started to come down i remembered smoking it and calmed down. although i was still shaky for about a hour i had to phone my brother just to talk to some one about normal things like football. i even said to him "its aright im steve again lol.

although it was a bad experience for me the relief i got from retuning to my self was almost worth it. a bit like doing a bungee jump when you realize the rope did not snap and your gonna live .
i had a pleasant deep sleep that night and felt nicely chilled all the next day .
if i try it again it will be in a field with good friends. il never smoke it on my own again. peace.


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/16/2009
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15x is a bit much for being alone. It's best to have a sitter for anything above 5x. In fact, I do 5x by myself quite a bit, and it's no problem.

Isn't that chilled out feeling awesome? I feel it the same day and into the next day. Sometimes if I do a really strong hit or two (like 40x or 60x) I'll feel really good all the rest of the week. It's pretty amazing.

Happy travels!


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 07/16/2009
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This is beginning to sound like a Bridge club. LMFAO

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