Salvia Trip

SD first trip


Posted by Anonymous on 10/10/2007
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Dosage:1 hit
Method of Ingestion:Smoked with water bong

This is about my first experience with SD. I got some 5x leaves and took one large hit from my water bong and held it as long as I could. As soon as I exhaled, I lost all sense of time and almost blacked out. My eyes were open and I started to "see" that my world ( this present existence) was actually spinning very, very fast into an horizontal whirlpool. ( like the tv series Sliders) For a moment I got extremely scared that my reality was quickly closing at that I must "jump in" or be stuck behind forever... what would I do now that my "real" family and friends were going fast into the whirlpool? My brain shouted "run!" and I almost got out of my chair and ran into the whirlpool. I was barely aware that I was just tripping and was able to stop myself from panicing. I felt like this had been going on for hours , but as I lifted my eyes ( my eyes were open the entire time, looking down, yet all I saw was the room spinning) I started to come back to reality. This all felt like forever. I focused on the clock - and that is what helped me get a grip on time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the burning feeling. The location of the "burns" on my body corresponded with the sense that I was being split open and exposed. The ego beginning to split. I was being split apart - in two halves - from top to bottom. front and back parts, not left and right. The burn wasn't bad and I did sweat some. and I never peeled completely apart. I got up and stumbled a bit and started to watch traffic go by to get a better grip on time. Then it was gone. All about 10-15 min. I'm glad my first time wasn't too intense, I had no sitter. I highly recommend a sitter, lest you run out in traffic like I almost did! Be smart, have fun! -rigormorris


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Posted by rigormorris on 04/13/2013
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great story dude, glad u found it!

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