Salvia Trip

Second Leaf, this time in 20x form


Posted by Anonymous on 08/01/2008
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Type/Strength:20x Extract
Dosage:tenth of a gram
Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

My story begins in my room, its about 2.00am, just getting to bed,
i had an urge to test out the extract i bought a couple of weeks ago and i guesed now seemed as good a time as ever becuase although i didn't want to rush in to it, i was also pretty eager to at least test it out.
i set up a small 20x dose to test the waters for extract, as i've only done smoked plain leaf before and that was only once. used the turbo lighter to do a quick blast through the water pipe, held for a good 30 seconds.
almost immediately i moved to my bed as planned, i sat and almost instantly i saw my room in a way i have never seen a room before. almost alive i could say, it seemed a little angry at me so i layed back and closed my eyes to be more calm. that worked fine but i got pretty sweaty and sat up and went downstairs to get a drink. moving around was like being controlled by a remote, that i personally held. as i thought of something to do, then did it with no further thought until i had done that thing, wandered about the house eating a muffin and drinking a well needed cool glass of milk, no other rooms had a personality like mine did, even when i returned it still felt angry. im pretty sure it was angry because it's not tidy and i guess rooms like to be, or mine does, so i guess next time i will try outside or at least clean up a bit. anyway it was a good sensation, coming close to either talking to myself or or hearing voices, mainly coming from my room. but the personal connection is definetly there, it's where i've slept for the past 13 years (i'm 16) so now i feel i owe it to it to tidy it (thats a mouthful). if thats not a weird thing to say.

it was good overall, could do without the sudden heat surge next time
writing this makes me realise how crazy this all sounds but i guess it's part of it all

i dont know why my stories are so long, i thinks its because i have to put in every peice of punctuation because i want it to sound like i imagine saying it in my head, plus i just like to type like it, either way if you've read this far im doing well, but i dont see them getting any shorter.

thats all for now, thanks for reading


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