Salvia Trip

Second Out of body experience.


Posted by Littleuser on 05/08/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water bong

So earlier today i had a very scary experience with salvia.
I figured that this second one might not be as bad since i had one earlier.
2 hits later i was laying on my bed at about 11:30 waiting to fall into a trip with my eyes closed.
I saw a moving green line...
It was like those orkin pest commercials where it shows the house and earth cut in half.
but the moving infinite greenline was moving over my 2D body and bed
(imagine "oOo" the big O being your head and the small o's your arms) and a line under it as a bed. The green infinite moving line was time. And i could arrange lines in special patterns to make my body move in sync with time.
Then as the trip progressed i saw the line closer and it was hundreds of hollographic (sort of see through) me's.

Is this an out of body experience?


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