Salvia Trip

second salvia trip


Posted by mbzdkc on 03/02/2011
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Type/Strength:wowza times 11
Method of Ingestion:smoked in waterpipe

This time it got serious. After smoking the whole bowl I sat down on my bed and I could feel the effects creeping up on me.

There was the same fractal imagery in front of me as when I tried salvia the first time(the colors were different though).

Suddenly, the images formed into a blue, purplish path in front of me, with green hills on either side and a blueish sky above it. I could see the path stretch in front of me, going up and down these green hills, kinda like in a cartoon.

Suddenly, I thought to myself "So, this is my life path. This is the path my higher self chose for me when I came to this planet"(Yeah I know what you're thinking, I read a lot about all this newage stuff).

After that, I felt disconnected from my body. I felt as if my body was a mining cart, or a cart on a roller-coaster and it just suddenly stopped. Then I felt these two presences to my right and it was as if one of them asked if I wanted to stop my journey at this spot and kinda step out of my body and go with them.

That's when I sort of came back to my senses a little bit and could feel my body again. For the next minute or so(that's what it felt like) I kept hearing myself saying things like"Nah, I don't want to go, yet", or, "Seriously, guys, I want to stay".

After that I slowly regained control over my body and my sense of self came back.

But, one thing that seems to be a major "theme" in my experiences with salvia(I've had many more before writing this) is that there's this overwhelming energy emanating from my jaw. It's kinda like after getting a anesthetic at the dentist, but only 20 times stronger.

This was the weirdest thing that ever happened to me and it left me wanting more.


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Posted by Vidooch on 02/04/2011
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Yeah, wutsup with that jaw thing? My jaw gets really tingly and feels like its being pushed back into my mouth. weird.

I am guessing that if you were to leave with those 2 beings - it would be going through the ego death. And if I were you, I would go with them. Ive never heard of anyone not coming back from a salvia trip, so I think it would be safe. Try it again and this time go with them, then report back here!


Posted by mbzdkc on 02/15/2011
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Yeah, that jaw thing is really uncomfortable.

I tried again, but I never manage to replicate the experience. I'm just never able to get a high enough dose where I can just let go of my body.


Posted by grimjim on 02/16/2011
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I totally empathize with the jaw thing, but mine is more in the throat. Like as if my throat has opened up at the front and people could see inside it. Or another time when I was walking it felt like my head was bobbing along supported on nothing, and my jaw/throat was supporting me above the ground, with no comprehension of my body below neck level!

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