Salvia Trip

Second Time Around (Wow!)


Posted by Anonymous on 08/04/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaf
Dosage:Very Large bowl
Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I received a quarter pound in the mail today so I went down to the corner head shop and purchased a nice new bong. The bowl was just a regular sized bowl so I bought another that is three time as big.
My Wife and Son were watching TV so I slipped into the back room (My office) and clipped up a few bowls worth. packed a very large bowl and fired it up with a torch Type lighter and took a big hit. Held it as long as I could and immediately took another. At first I had a feeling of being pushed like you are pushed by a wave standing up to your waist in the ocean. While I held the second my world began to turn into small particles and started to rush away to my left. Away from the hallway which leads towards the living room. At first I was thinking that the particles of my world were being blown away and it was exposing another reality beneath. But I could here the TV playing which seemed to keep some of me at least in my original reality. I kept thinking that if I didn't fight off the effect it it would eventually pull the whole house in, along with my family. So I sat in my chair fighting the illusion I knew it was and eventually it began to fade. After a couple minutes I went in and sat on the couch with my wife (who had no idea about the struggle I had just experienced) and watched the end of "Deal or no Deal" What a ride! I think tomorrow I will do it again but while the house is empty!


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