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Seeing the Perfect Balance


Posted by randomstu on 02/10/2008
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Type/Strength:5x Extract
Method of Ingestion:smoking

I was alone, trying to be contemplative. Shortly after smoking the Salvia, my mind was separated from the objective world, and for just a few seconds (it seemed) I had a vision. "Vision" might not be quite the right word, since I didn't experience it as a perception separate from myself. But something like a vision.

Figures in this vision were very simple human figures, like a Keith Haring animation. But, like an MC Escher drawing, all these figures were linked together, that is, they fit together perfectly like pieces of a jig-saw puzzle.

At first, my focus was on one of these figures, which I think I identified with. Its movements were like someone slowly crawling on the ground. I think I identified this with my own efforts to "advance" in life. The perspective of the vision widened a bit, and I saw more clearly how this particular figure was non-separate from the rest. That is, though from the narrow perspective, it appeared that this figure was independently crawling along, it was actually both being pushed by the figures ("beings") behind it, and in turn pushing the figures in front of it. So I felt that whatever progress I made in life couldn't be separated from the progress of all beings.

Then the perspective widened a bit more. I saw that all of these countless linked beings weren't crawling (progressing) along a flat surface, but rather on an earth-like globe. So even though from the previous perspective we were all advancing, progressing... in fact we were all just ultimately moving around in a circle. There was all sorts of activity that appeared (from the narrower perspectives) as struggle, as advancement, as pushing or being pushed... but from the larger perspective, nothing was ever gained, and nothing was ever lost.

I have a vague feeling that the perspective got even a bit wider than this, but it got so non-ordinary that I couldn't "bring it back" even a little.

Anyway: the whole thing lasted a matter of seconds. It culminated in a very strong sense that, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, all things were in perfect balance, everything was already perfectly resolved. Even struggle/suffering was part -- a necessary part -- of the grand balance.

Now I'm in ordinary consciousness (i.e., as ordinary as I get). I can't bring back that vision. I doubt that I could function in the world if I constantly or frequently had that vision. Perhaps I haven't even been able to explain it very well. But there's *something* about it that's left a trace.

I don't have any "faith" in the usual sense of the word. I put no stock in the words of books or teachers who others consider holy. Embracing a belief because it's old or popular or endorsed by honored people is offensive to my rational mind. But the vision I'm talking about here has left me with something as close to "faith" as I'll ever get.

That is, in my ordinary life, in which it so often seems like there's no harmony, no balance, no resolution (and sometimes no possible resolution) to the problems and sufferings of existence... there's now something inside that feels that when I let go of my personal perspective, there's a wider perspective in which all things are already perfectly resolved. Even though I can't see it now, there's a trace memory of seeing it at least once. And that makes a difference.



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Posted by wildthunder13 on 02/04/2012
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after years of using sally I have to say the main importance I have found is balance. this will not make sence to people that do not get to this point. balance is what people think of as god. its not a he or she or it, it is nothing and everything. all your thoughts, all your dreams, all life all death, you can see this on high levels with salvia, you can stay in the balance for awhile, all your thoughts and all your memories are one. no borders no boxes that separate anything, your not alseep or awake, you are both

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