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Posted by Salviavation on 27/02/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked from 2\' water pipe

Preface - From 3:15pm on 2/26/09 to about 12:30am, I had one of the worst days/nights of my life. I work for Comcast and troubleshoot computers/cable boxes for individuals who find it hard to do so on their own. The calls were coming in one after another and it was becoming aggravating, it was like a force was out to interrupt my day and bring me down the entire time. People in the call center were avoiding calls and only a handful of us were doing what we were supposed to.

Since my first experience with Salvia, I've been on a path to improve my life and become a better person. Things that I previously could brush off are that much more apparent now and can no longer be ignored. I have had some struggles with it because I am normally a nice guy on the outside but angry inside, so it's been hard adjusting to a become a better person when there are people out there who would work with you and steal from you in the same day. Heck, it happened with my Zune because I neglected to lock my car one day.

Digressing from the previous stories, the end all to my day was some wonderful jerk was trying to make a westbound u-turn in east bound traffic, trying to get to the east bound side (as it was partitioned in the middle). He had started off in the far right lane. I tried to be considerate and go to the very left lane so he could still make the turn and I could pass, but instead he decided just to cut across all 3 lanes as I was passing and T-boned me. If that wasn't bad enough, he proceeded to drive off and I was unable to get a license, 911 dispatch refused to send cruisers because I lacked a physical description of the driver and didn't catch the license plate.

As you can imagine, I was livid to the point of almost going insane, i was literally losing it and if I hadn't sought spiritual guidance, I would definitely deter from the better path I have chosen for myself. I sought to my God (I'm Christian) to give me guidance and help ease my pain and help me to become more loving and less hateful. I prayed to him and with my friend next to me to watch over me as I did so, I hit the pipe to the fullest of my lung capacity and held it for so long that I don't even remember exhaling. With "Spirit in the Sky" playing in my livingroom, I began to depart this planet once more.

The Trip - I'm sorry but there just isn't much to explain here. What I do remember is this time being surround by white and speaking with 3 individuals and answering close ended questions. It was like an interview process and my whole intent for smoking was to find a way to become less angry.

At some point, I was able to see my friend Kyle to my left while I was still transitioned and said "what's up?" (he was actually to my left as well) and remember him smiling back. He said I was out for another 2 minutes or so and the last thing I remember is the individual I was talking to in the transition said "Well, I'll let you get back to your friend, Kyle". As I awoke, I had been so happy and extatic, it was like I became a kid again for a second, I hadn't been so happy in my life. Granted some of this was afterglow, which I've never previously felt in the 2 times previous I had smoked Salvia, but I had no negativity to my journey this time, unlike the last two times where I felt uncomfortable. I didn't recall that discomfort I had felt from my first trip until I smoked it again, which was the bottom end of a bowl smoked by 2 other individuals in a big bowl. Took that hit to the head and had this feeling like my skin had been slated and each slate of my limbs were being mixed around and it had always been uncomfortable.

This last trip and my third in total had no discomfort, was entirely blissful and enlightening, as well as rewarding. I thanked my God profusely for his council and it's assured an easier present and tomorrow for me.

Side Notes - My friend who I mentioned earlier has been around many first timers and seasoned smokers of Salvia. All of which (he tells me) have said to him that he is always a pleasure to have around as a sitter. I have had good sitters before, like my good friend Caleb, but Kyle has an essence about him that just exudes goodness.

It is my belief that he is intended to be a spiritual healer, but as he has never tried Salvia, he is not yet ready for the task. I feel that he will eventually try it and draw the same conclusion, upon which I will show him this article.

I know this all sounds crazy, and before I tried Salvia, I would think anyone talking like this was nutty, but I truely appreciate it's gift to mankind and hope it is some day controlled (with respect to age limitations, like 18+), but never illegal because it has a great purpose.


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Posted by Salviavation on 02/27/2009
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Errata - He was heading west bound in east bound traffic and trying to get to the WESTBOUND side, I mistyped.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 03/02/2009
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How far is the East from the West?

Holla wen u no


Posted by Salviavation on 03/03/2009
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Theroad was partitioned and there were break-aways in the median wherein one could get to the other side and so they were adjacent to one another. Instead of going one road down to the next street light, though, the guy just negligently u-turned in east bound traffic, trying to get through a broken away part of the partition.

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