Salvia Trip

Sent to the Boardwalk


Posted by Anonymous on 16/03/2008
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Type/Strength:Salvia Zone Blue (equivalent to 30X)
Dosage:A pinch
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

1st experience with 30x Salvia (Salvia Zone Blue)


I lay on a couch in my family room very dimly lit.
Three friends in the kitchen one room away.


I take one good long hit and hold it until I can hold no more (at least 30 seconds).
For a split second I feel as though nothing will happen and I vision myself having to go out and tell everyone I felt nothing.

Then seconds later I’m carried away to the ocean, a boardwalk. I’m by myself on the sand under the boardwalk. I can hear my friends talking above me on top the boardwalk; no one knows I’m here. I can see them through the planks above me and they’re having such a good time laughing and telling jokes. I find myself laughing at their jokes as I listen in, but something happens when I laugh. I feel so happy and it just feels right. I break out in an uncontrollable laughter, similar to a cough that tickles your throat that is out of your control.

Then out of no where a very abrasive, but pleasant (as strange as that sounds), sound is heard that brought on squares above me. They seemed to be stapled to my minds ceiling with light. One after another they were set in place until there was no room.

I opened my eyes and saw my friends. The first thing I asked was “how long was I under”, they laughed and said 3 maybe 4 minutes. As odd as it sounds, to see what I saw I had to of been gone for a minimum 45 minutes.

2nd experience with 30x Salvia (Salvia Zone Blue)

Same day, 4 hours later (1:30 am).
I am alone in the living room with the fire lit and jazz playing very loud, no lights.
I lay on the floor with pillows next to the speakers.

I take one long hit with the same amount of Salvia as before (one pinch).
Instantly I appear on a ferris wheel on a boardwalk. Strangely enough, I don’t feel high at all while I am there. I am riding the ferris wheel alone, I know people don’t want me to be there riding the ferris wheel, I can hear them shouting at me to come down, I’m to high up.

I am back in my body, I sit up and open my eyes but I can’t see anything. I see a bouquet of roses on the table in a vase, I think it’s my fiancé and I am pulled back to the boardwalk. This happened 3 times, back and forth back and forth. When I am at the boardwalk I feel sober as if I should be there, it felt right. When I go back to my body is when I feel out of place and high. I am pulled back to the boardwalk but instead of the ferris wheel I’m in nothingness, just floating in color and music. I feel my body being enveloped starting at my toes moving up through my body. The higher it comes the better I feel, as it progresses all that is left is color. I see or feel a being or an entity that IS the back of my head (I understand that makes no sense but at the time it made complete sense) but the being or entity stops the oncoming sensation that is enveloping my body. The sensation feels as if it tries to fight past the entity but eventually retreats.

I am back home, on my floor in front of the fire listening to jazz...

I was out for at least two hours on my journey, no doubt in my mind. In the morning I asked my fiancé how long I was in the living room for…5 minutes she says. The strange thing is, I don’t have memories of “tripping”. Instead I have memories of actually being there; feeling the sand and the wind blowing on me as the wheel went around, hearing the people at the fair. It’s as clear as any memories of my past.

The dream

I went to bed about 15 minutes later. In my dream I returned to the boardwalk. I’m with a group of people. My brother is with me but not my fiancé. We head into a restaurant and I reach into my pocket for money and all my money is foreign coins and random patches like torn from a uniform. One coin is very shiny and cut into a chain of islands (it seemed as if it was normal in my dream). I get an overwhelming feeling of longing for my fiancé so I run out to look for her. Across the sandy road is another restaurant run by gypsies. The gypsies have a booth set up out front with a two headed bird; the bird had white feathers surrounding its eyes that poofed out like a pillow. I go up to the booth and hand over my coins to the gypsy. From under the table two beautiful birds walk out, both only a few inches tall. One is a bald eagle, the bald eagle seemed so majestic yet it was so tiny. I walk into the restaurant and my mouth is full of a huge wad of gum that is holding my mouth shut. I reach my hand into my mouth to remove the sticky gum and it sticks to my teeth. I get it out and throw it into the trash. As the gum enters the trash bin the bin turns into stairs going down. I look to my right and a gypsy is their and shrugs me to go down. I do, and then I wake up.


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