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Posted by Anonymous on 16/06/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

So my and my buddy were hanging out at the park in his car, waiting for someone. He had some and i decided to try it again. I took a hit, held it in. It started immediately after i exhaled. I looked out the window and knew exactly were i was, not the park, but somewhere i had been MANY times before. I was vaguely aware i was with someone so i asked, "where are we" and had the most intense feeling of Deja vu, i knew exactly what was happening because it has always been happening. All this time i felt wind rushing by as if i was moving very quickly. I looked over and saw my sober friend right next to me, but at the same time indescribably far away. The radio was on and the lady over the speakers was trying to telling me where to go and what to see. My whole life was arching up and i was rushing through every memory, feeling, thought, i had ever had, and it was being narrated by this women's voice Then i looked my self in the mirror of the car and knew it was me and that slowly brought me back.


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Posted by Dreamer on 06/20/2011
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Deja Vu..I know EXACTLY what you mean. We've all been to that "place" before and it feels like home. Unless one has experienced salvia, no human words can make others know what you see, feel or experience. One time the salvia voices told me "this is what it feels like to be a part of everything". Basically all of our "individual" consciousnesses are connected to the One Source that we all came from. Some people are scared of salvia but I enjoy it. I've started smoking it from a small pipe and using a regular BIC lighter. This gives me a good body feeling, laughter and mild visuals. When I really want to visit SalviaLand, I use a bong with a torch lighter. I've also tried the quid method too but holding all that juice in your mouth can be difficult.

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