Salvia Trip

She\'s Got Me!


Posted by Vidooch on 21/05/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Water Bong

After meditating to relax, I took a single hit from my water bong and was with my partner. As soon as I started to exhale, I said, "She's got me!" and instantly felt Salvia's hands move up around my shoulders and pull me down.

My partner's report of what I did:

Started with giggles, then asked, "Do you not see this?", then picked up a nearby lighter and started banging it repeatedly on the table, started to whimper and speak in gibberish, clutched onto my partner in panic, then crawled across the sofa over the cat (almost injuring him), fell to the floor, quickly crawled to the hallway and started begging, "No, no, you can't take them!", asking about the cat, "Will Odin be here when I come back?" and "Oh, it's still coming!", then began crying hard and banging on the wall with my fist. Partner shook my arm and told me to get it together, turned the kitchen light on, and I asked him to turn the music off. I finally came to and started crying hysterically, unable to say what I'd seen at first.

My report of what I saw:

As I exhaled, I remember telling my partner "She's got me!", the "she" being Salvia, who in this instance was definitely a female. Despite common reports of the same, I assure you, I hadn't read much about how people perceive her, but I knew without a doubt she was female. My surroundings melted away completely as I saw rotating 2-dimensional waves of a shrouded female, Picasso-style face, staring at me from the corner of her eye in profile as the waves passed. The waves were identical, moving up and down while traveling from right to left. Her face was pink and purple, and the hood she wore was green. We were in some level of space that wasn't tangible, it held no objects - this I knew for sure. Somehow I knew that THIS was reality, and that SHE was EVERYTHING, and that myself, my cats, and my partner were ALL made BY HER and OF HER and that we were created for her amusement. As I started to see my partner's face morph into another one of her rotating faces, I knew she had grown bored with us and had decided it was time for us to be absorbed into her again - that WE would become faces just like the identical ones that were moving like ocean waves past me! I tried begging for her to stop, I tried begging for it not to be true, I cried that I my partner WAS real, that I WAS real, and searched desperately for something to grab on to. I found a wall (the only physical thing from my "real" home that made it into my trip) and held on tight, but as the waves kept coming I knew it was only a matter of time before it would overtake me and the wall and that it was pointless. I cried, knowing any second my loved ones and I would be fully absorbed by the face waves, gone, and cried more knowing that we had never been alive in the first place. I "woke up" (because it was a waking dream, really) in my partner's arms and I sobbed harder than I ever have. I couldn't articulate what had happened. I didn't want to. And for the first few minutes as I came down, I didn't trust the concrete nature of anything around me. I was convinced at any second she would yank it all away from me.

This was my second trip with Salvia. I dare say for now, it's my last.


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