Salvia Trip

Shuddering Alphabet Universe


Posted by Anonymous on 11/06/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking - Water pipe

I'm posting this now even though my trip was several weeks ago. I was finally able to remember all the finer details of my trip, as they were lost to me after the trip.


We got some 60xx (what does that extra X even mean? SQUARED?) from a local head shop then went back to my buddy's house. Our more experienced friend gave us the run down of what to do and what to expect. I opted to go third so I could get an idea of what a mess I'd be once I hit it.

First friend takes his hit and shortly after starts to do the usual laughing fit you'd expect. His trip seemed pretty normal; apparently we were all trains riding around the room.

Second friend takes his hit and immediately begins to claw at his face. He was muttering ineligible words and kept trying to get a hold of us. We managed to calm him down but needless to say, he didn't have a fun trip.

My turn. I'm a little worried by my friend's bad trip so I wait a little while and pre-occupy myself to get rid of the anxiety. Once I felt confident again, I took my rip and watched as the curtains spiraled into themselves. In an instant I was no longer in the room. There was little to no transition between me leaving this reality and entering the next. I ceased to be as a person. I could recall that there was another universe at some point in my intangible existence, but that meant nothing; for I had come to see what reality truly was.

Frames of existence shuddered back and forth in the shape of various letters. There was a crescendo of whispers that would rise and fall as the frames ebbed and flowed. Each letter would take its turn falling along its path, then my perspective would change to another letter as it shifted into place and continued the cycle. The letters didn't spell out anything meaningful as far as I could tell. I did know that I had to escape this reality. I didn't want to be here; I wanted to go back to what I knew. I couldn't figure out what I once knew, but I was certain that it was better than being trapped in this oppressive place.

As I started to come down a little bit, I could make out different images trapped within the flowing frames. A friend's face, the TV, a window, ect. Eventually I gained the ability to stand up. I felt this was the pivotal moment of my escape. I jumped on top of my friend's bed and violently thrashed until I had removed my jacket and shirt, as well as anyone sitting on the bed. The frames still followed me and danced along the edge of my perspective, but I would swat them away with my arms, even though it felt like they were being weighed down by boulders.

It took me a good 20 minutes after I stopped hallucinating to get back to reality. I was afraid for some reason but I couldn't figure out why. I felt relieved at the same time, but everything felt foreign and unfamiliar. My friends described to me my actions while I was tripping. Apparently I had shed a single tear, then laughed a tiny bit, then I was angry, and that was the point that I had jumped on the bed. Also my eyes had rolled into the back of my head and were vibrating very rapidly (signs of REM activity).

I couldn't immediately remember what I just saw until later that evening, and it still took several weeks for me to remember all the details. Overall it was a pretty awful experience, but none the less, I am glad I did it. It gave me a new perspective on reality, and I've also had more creative bursts since the trip. I'm still never doing it again though.


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Posted by nickb47 on 07/13/2010
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this is almost the exact same experience I had for my first time, jumping on the bed, the eyes rolling back, even seeing the frames of existence on the letters!! I knew i had to get out, it needed to fuckin stop! does anyone have any meaning for this? it confuses me so much....

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