Salvia Trip

sick as fuck


Posted by Anonymous on 29/11/2007
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Dosage:Heaping Bowl
Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

Well, I hate to say it but I was dope sick.  I had'nt slept in days, I was throwing up, pretty much not havin a good time.  Old Boy had ahold of me and he wasn't lettin go easy.  I could'nt sleep, I was sweating, so I thought "why the fuck not" I smoke some of that Salvia that made me trip my balls off. I took a nice big Bong rip, set the bong down, and just held my breath until my vision got blurry. I stared out my bedroom window (I live out in the country) and just watched the trees blow. I just felt so in touch with the trees and the blowing wind. It was very peacefull compared to how I had been feeling.  Well, It's over now and I have that sticky feeling all over, but something it different.  I giggled my way down on this trip, that happens to me a lot. I layed my head down and closed my eyes. I fell asleep in just a couple minutes. I immediately started having vived dreams. All I had to do was barely fall asleep and the dreaming would start.  That is when I started smoking Salvia before I go to bed. Now that I know the effect that Salvia has on me I am not afraid during the trip. The first time I tried it, it was a little to much for me., Now I can enjoy the effects. I also noticed that I was'nt dope sick anymore. That shit's a fuckin miracle. Others should know of what Salvia can do for you. I felt no more withdraws after that trip and I am three months clean now.


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