Salvia Trip

Sliced up


Posted by Anonymous on 09/07/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Water pipe

This was my first time with salvia and it was interesting to say the least.

I had tried it the night before with a very small hit of very little salvia and the light and colours of the room felt heavier and I had a need to turn my head down and to the left. I then tried a small amount more and felt like I was being pushed slightly from behind and felt like my body was melting on the edges and leaving my body in front of me. The feeling didn't last long at all.

The real 'trip' happened the next day. I smoked it with my hookah and turned to sit or lie down on the sofa behind me but before I could get there I felt a pressure on my back that pushed my down to my knees with my head and arms on the couch. Then the same force tried to roll my to my right and the sofa extended as far as I could see.

After resisting the force I turned to my left and the room was twisting past me. It wasn't fluid or blurred but alternating. The sofa and my arm (being darker coloured) and then the walls and floor (being lighter) tessellated almost like looking into parallel mirrors.

During this endless vortex I could hear laughter which I think was my own but repeated along with sounds of children playing in the distance. The colours of this cycle faded into pastel colours and light greys and each part gained a face of a clown. A stoic, toy-like face that you'd find on a doll.

I decided I didn't want to see this anymore and buried my face into a cushion; determined not to trip any more. The cushion I chose had a thick, embroidered pattern on it that scratched at my face. The feeling of this made rows of sharp, wire-like lines in my mind. They were diagonal and reflected so that they made a V shape and they were evenly spaced. I was still travelling forwards and these wires painlessly cut through my body as I rushed forward until they faded and I was back to reality. I was drenched with sweat and was unsure if everything around me was real or was about to alter to something else.

Despite being sliced up I enjoyed the experience as something new and unexpected. I would try it again with a lesser dose, music and a good friend.


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