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Posted by Anonymous on 30/10/2007
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Type/Strength:10X Extrac
Dosage:3 Hits
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

So today, I decided to try out the substance I've been looking into a lot over the past few weeks - salvia.  I headed on down to the Toronto Hemp Company, and bought myself my first ever smoking device: a quaint little pipe.  I plan to upgrade it to something more interesting sometime in the future.  anyway, I went to a place nearby and got some 10X extract.  I'm a real noob to drugs and such, even though I'm 19 (yeah I was a loser).  So let me know if there's anything I might've overlooked, or did wrong. 
Ok, initially, I was VERY disappointed.  I had read many trip reports, and was expecting something wild.  This was my first time ever using it.  Also, I have only gotten high once in my life before now, and that was a good 3-4 months ago, and i didn't feel much.  I've heard that it's common not to feel anything the first time you get high.  Is it the same with salvia?  Especially since most salvia users' bodys are already used to weed and whatever else.  But yeah, the first hit, I lit the stuff and sucked til I couldn't suck anymore.  It took every ounce of willpower I had not to cough.  I held for 30 seconds, and exhaled.  after a few seconds, it felt a bit like everything was lagging a bit, like my vision couldn't quite keep up, but that was it.  10 minutes later, I tried again.  This time, I felt really heavy, and my legs felt weak.  But no more.  Then I took the last hit, and decided I didn't want to waste anymore of the stuff in case I was in fact just 'breaking in' my body for drug use.  I lied down, and imagined there was a world behind me, instead of my wall (I was lying sideways).  It was a world of lego-like people building cities, and building into our world, which was actually a fake world.  It was just the lego people letting us continue our joyful life, us being unaware that we were just empty space to them waiting to be made into a lego city.  It was pretty weird.  Although, I have to note, this was all just me thinking.  I could've gotten up and done normal activities at any time (with more effort than usually required, though).  Halfway through, my brother came into my room asking stuff, and I was able to respond quite normally.  It definitely wasn't a hallucination, or a vision or anything.  My mind just wandered, although I don't doubt that the salvia aided in that.

All in all, I plan to try again soon.  Hopefully with more success.  In the meantime, if anybody has advice, or knowledge of why I didn't have much of an experience, please enlighten :)


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Posted by skin2win on 03/17/2009
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thanks for adding your experience and opinion


Posted by psyche on 11/01/2009
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many people find it pretty difficult (me included) to achieve good effects from salvia divinorum by using a pipe. the thing is, you need to absorb as much of the salvinorin-a as possible. and, the salvinorin needs to be exposed to high temperatures for it to escaoe from the leaves and go into your lungs-so you're supposd to leave the lighters flame on the leaves the whole time you're taking a hit. if you try to do this with a pipe, you'll end up burning your throat. thats what a bongs for. a bong allows you to take in a larger amount of salvinorin-a, and the water will help cool down the large amounts of smoke, thereby making it easier for you to hold it all in for a good amount of time. trust me, using a bong is THEE way to smoke salvia.

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