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Posted by Anonymous on 30/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

I never cared that much about trying out salvia divorium, but a powerful extract fell into my hands yesterday because Rick didn’t care for it that much. His attempts at self medicating with salvia fell flat so he handed it off to me. After a day of climbing at stoney point I got home, showered, had a beer, was about to get a hit of marijuana when I realized that I had the baggie of salvia in my pocket from earlier. So I gave it a go.

It was probably one of the most frightening and intense experiences in my life. Although writing now, a mere 10 hours later it doesn’t seem as scary as it was at the time. I made a mistake of doing it alone without a spotter.

I loaded my bong with it and took a hit. It burned very well and quickly, and I got a massive hit, and half a hit from the smoke still left in the piece. I didn’t bother holding the smoke in because I don’t like doing that.

As soon as I placed the bong back on my table I started the trip, I don’t even really remember placing the bong back on the table, the trip took off. I really must have not known what was happening the first few minutes, I forgot everything. I was hoping that I would at least know that I’m on the drug and keep myself grounded, I’m too used to pot perhaps...

The experience was that I felt another presence with me, I don’t know who or what, but it was just to the right of me. I couldn’t see it but it was guiding me to do something, exactly what I’m not sure. I think it wanted to to go out the door, or to follow something, or to do something. I think my friend Rick, who I had spent the day with was there. Or at least it was telling me to go to home, or to follow him, or to just do something. I remember trying to leave out of my room and into the hallway, but every time I would move and look I found myself in the same place. I wanted to go somewhere but reality seemed to be looping back around on itself. Especially to my right, I would try to look or move to my right but there was someone pointing for me to go onward instead. As I tried to move out the door or towards to my right I found myself in the same place and also further out of reach. The universe was sort of warping on to itself. Someone was slipping reality from under my feet like a rug. I kept finding myself in the same place despite trying to leave. This is when it got very scary for I realized that whoever was guiding me wasn’t actually doing me any favors. They knew that I couldn’t leave, and it felt like they were being condescending to me because they KNEW what was happening. I realized at this point what was happening. My whole life up to that point was a game, a dream, a simulation, or whatever you want to call it, and someone was finally hitting the off switch. I was trying to reach out to something, find an anchor to hold on to or escape. But the whole world was already gone and the only thing left was my room and the hall way, and that was warping and twisting and ready to go as well.

It felt like one of those movies where a character realizes that they were designed in a factory, that they weren’t real, and everything they experienced their whole life was an illusion. The experience of totality of their life WAS the illusion. At the same time I felt like there was many of me, or that there could be. But I was the one getting shut down, excreted from my subjective reality. I remember feeling like an infant, trying to escape something but too slow and unsure. I remember staring at the door and semi drooling, paralyzed for a moment by fear. I wanted to escape but kept ending up in the same place. At that time I got an idea. As I kept exiting my room and I find my room again, I thought someone was creating this ruse, or that everything I never known was one. But I thought that if I look at my desk closely I would see my stuff as I arranged it and it would prove once and for all if everything I ever knew was real. If I saw my things, my objects, and the arrangment on my desk it would prove to me my past memories.

At this point I remembered that I was on the drug and I found myself in the living room. I slowly started coming down over a couple of minutes. I still felt a presence to the right and behind me, still pointing and guiding me along somewhere. I went back into my room, for some reason my mail was out of it’s stationary and on the floor, but everything else in place. I walked around my house a little bit and started feeling more and more grounded. The halo, the eurphoria was still there. As soon as I had some grip I went to find my phone to call someone, anyone. Few more minutes and I was alright.

I can’t recollect the first 5 minutes of the trip, I assume I was just sitting blankly. The first part of the trip wasn’t scary, obviously it just took me somewhere far away. Time and space was jumbled. It only got frightening once I realized that someone was making me go away, turning me off.

What an experience. I don’t know if I’ll do it again. Lesson learned here is just how fragile reality and sanity is! Regular consciousness and everyday experience of life just seems to be one of many ways to operate, just one aspect of existence. And it’s true, nature rigged humanity, as an animal to work a certain way in order to survive it’s environment. But our experience of the world; beliefs, knowledge, understanding is just a very miniscule part of the universe’s capability.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 08/01/2010
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Thanks.. really expressed in pure simplicity. This is what drives us in normal reality and then is fractalized to view segments that continuously repeat down to the most simple "frame" of our "flipbook" lives. It just happens so fast. Or is it slow? The "salvia" trip exposes us to eternal fractals that make up the remaining singular simple images left in our subconcious mind.

William Blake wrote:

"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour".

Salvia appears to expose us to the beauty of these words and remind us fractal by fractal of the vastness of the universe.

Compressed, simple, lovely, and awesome.

Be Blessed

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