Salvia Trip

Slipping Into This Universe


Posted by Anonymous on 30/12/2009
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Type/Strength:Not Sure
Method of Ingestion:Bong

When I took the first hit my friends said I took a huge hit and I was "going to be fucked up!", and yet all I got was a rocking sensation and a body tingle. So then proceeded to reload and try again.

This time I almost instantly was gone, (*INTENSE VISUALS*) Flying light-speed through some sort of red space, with the feeling of catching a television screen out of the corner of you eye, but having extreme tunnel vision I could only look directly forward where at the end of the tunnel was a giant yellow box shape moving at the same speed as me so I could not catch up to it. I continued flying threw the tunnel and began feeling annoyed with the repetitiveness, although I was not myself, or anything for that matter I was just witnessing it all and had no sense of my individual identity. Then after a while I started getting closer, closer to what exactly I am unsure of because I was in infinite space. Then sections started to form almost like a long hallway with all the doors open, I was suddenly now looking into the sections. Each one had a different (time?, place?, dimension?) but could only catch a glimpse of each because I was zooming by. I started to slow down and eventual stopped in front of one of the sections in the wall, looking into it was like looking into a shallow box with a planet earth type television show being shown on the bottom of the box, then instantly the shallow box now seemed like looking down a 10-story trash shoot. Where I then felt as if I physically slipped in slow motion down the shoot and into this reality, which slowly began to become real again.

The following 15 - 30 minutes after the trip SUCKED!...

1. Confusion as to if you are still tripping or not.

2. Intense feeling of my body throbbing

3. Feelings of nausea but no actual vomiting (note: I drank a lot of wine before hand so that may have been the reason)

4. A moment of profuse sweating.

5. Feelings of regret..("I wish I never did salvia!")

6. Understanding..(I'm fine, but I wish this would stop!"),

7. Returning to a completely normal state with your body unaffected for the most part. No real "come down" feeling after the initial 15 minutes after, an hour or so afterward I didn't even feel like I had done it..("Oh yeah, I forgot I just did salvia like 2 hours ago") type feeling. No feelings of being mentally slow afterward like other psychedelics.

Thoughts immediately after trip: "I'm never doing that shit again!"

Thoughts now: "I could see myself doing it again"

Apparently I had been flailing on the bed and making noises. Although, I was completely unaware of any of this as the time.


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