Salvia Trip

smoking dried leaf


Posted by Anonymous on 22/02/2008
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Type/Strength:dried leaf
Dosage:not too sure, it was about 3 bowls worth
Method of Ingestion:moking from a tin foil bowl

I was at a friend's house and his brother and I were talking about our high experiences and i brought up how i wanted to try salvia, and he said "wait, I have something for you" then he ran up to his room and came back down with a plastic bag full of what looked like dried leaves off a tree or something. I almost didn't want to believe it was even salvia because I expected it to look much different when these leaves look like nothing out of the ordinary. so I smoked about 3 bowls worth of these leaves (it was not extract) and i felt a good buzz coming on. I felt more relaxed and light started messing with my eyes a little. When I got home I looked at the christmas tree and noticed a pattern between the branches that seemed to make a face. This intrigued me quite a bit. I have a plant on the way that should be here any day now and I can't wait to let it get large and extract the leaves. If anyone has any advice or anything they would like to say, please let me know.


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