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snow whites mum and her glad wrap


Posted by Anonymous on 04/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoking

I was on a beach with a few friends and a bag of x25 salvia. i decided to go first although i had never done it before. i took 3 hits, big hits and sat on the ground and then it hit me. These hallucinations were so completely real and vivid that i lost all sense of reality. this is what hapened. All of a suddenn a rope was chucked around my neck and i got pulled straight to the ground and started being pulled upderground, just through the soil layer was a bert and ernie type world with the word "EASTHER" in block letters - i dont no what this word is but i have never seen it before. I looked up and saw snow whites mum who is the scariest looking woman i have ever seen and she started trying to mould me into the letter R on the end of that word. I looked up, what i thought was up through the soil and saw my friends laughing at me then i started to panic and i mean PANIK!!!! i stood up and it felt like glad wrap was pulling my back underground all i could hear was the little comic characters in the iunderground world chuckling and this theme musik that i cant even explain, i started running, the further and faster i ran the more the glad wrap stretched so i kept running till i got to my tent i sat down and it hit me again, i suddenly got pulled straight flat on the ground and got pulled back through the middle of three slots by my head i went through the soil again and saw snow whites mum torturing what was me 2 weeks ago, i looked back at the word and then realised the letters were all made out of people who had been there for years and they were all crying, i started sweaty profusely, then i stood up and somewhat came back to reality although i felt a little drunk for like half and hour afterwards. i still remember everything about it but the scaryness of it is just impossible to explain, i have never been through anything like this before ever and i swore i would never ever do it again, although i want to now to experience more of these hallucination although hopefully nothing every like that again!!!!! the glad wrap felt soooo real and even stretched like it would and it fullly felt as if i was turning inot that "R". hope thats interestn enuf for ya!!!!


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Posted by shamanation on 01/04/2009
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Sounds like quite an intense first Salvia trip. It definately would be classified as a 5 and not a 6 though, as your consciousness was not lost, nor were you unable to later recall what you had experienced. I would suggest you start with one hit next time. Good Luck!


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/05/2009
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OK.. that was weird but cool.. I am wondering where the 7 dwarfs were during this short lived panic? And I am sure Mr. Clean or the Glad Hefty Trash Bag Man was observing you.

Perhaps you are in a dream and are a tuna sandwich in a ziplock baggie?

I can assure you that in public usage of Salvia will eventually put you in a serious situation and do consider making sure you are with friends who will have your back.

Thanks for sharing.. I just love reading about the hidden nuggets inside other people's minds that come out under SA.

You may want to try a dark room and some instrumental music for a very unique look into your mind.. and I mean all by yourself so use precautions so you dont burn everything down.. LOL


Posted by orangefrog509 on 01/06/2009
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that would be a lvl 4, or 5. not 6. (beacause you can recall your trip) it was a very intristing story over all. good luck on your next journey

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