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Posted by Arcygenical on 30/10/2007
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Type/Strength:Self made extract: 20x
Dosage:1 bowl after chewing 2 leaves for 20m
Method of Ingestion:pipe/quid

Well, I really enjoy doing Salvia before bed... It gives me that "I just crawled into a warm bed on a very cold day after a long run" type of feeling... Sorta like what Ecstasy does, or so I'm told. So, I did my nightly ritual, and started chewing on the leaf while listening to music. At the 20m mark, I spat out, and immediately took an entire bowl of my 20x extract (which, by the way, you can actually SEE Salvinorin A crystallizing on the outside of the leaf...) and got into bed before exhaling.

Fast forward around 30 seconds, the visuals start up. I see the normal fractal art with my eyes closed or open and I get deeper and deeper into the vision, towards the center of the fractal. At that point, I started seeing patterns in 3D. Full 3D, where I was traveling through a moving tunnel of fractal imagery. Not too out of the normal for me really... But then the fractals came to an abrupt stop. Time ceased to flow at this very moment, as I had reached the (proverbial) end of the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel was a porthole, a small circle leading to a space beyond the tunnel. I saw stars and galaxies through this hole, but it got smaller as I approached it. At that very moment I became fully conscious that this hole was the "breaking through" that everyone was talking about. That was the single blockade between me and the pinnacle of consciousness. The portal was more than simple circle, or a hole... It was a gilded crest that obscured my view. it was a circle in another circle (the inside circle being the seethrough, or "glass" portion) with a triangle set upon it.


To explain what happened next, I need to backtrack a little bit... I don't experience the effects of Salvia as most people do. I don't really see or feel things, it's just that my focus is altered, and thoughts that I would never actually think of are put into my brain. For example, I become aware of other people in the room, who obviously arn't there. I always deny that I'm tripping, and I generally express this to the other (nonexistent) people in the room, "No, I'm not really tripping hahaha" and until I actually realize that I'm speaking to entities that don't exist I deny the full effects of the drug. I don't generally see far away places, but I'll think about them, and really believe I'm there, when I'm obviously not. When I realize what's happening, then the trip truly starts, and I drift off into another plane of consciousness.

So, having said that, I approached this portal and imagined myself trying to grasp it (Goatse style, I'm sad to say...Wait, did I get Salvia goatse'd??? Goddamn!) and pull it apart to let me through... I could see EVERYTHING that laid beyond that barrier. I was fighting to get through it, to become one with the EVERYTHING on the other side. I capitalize EVERYTHING as I understood it to be a singular entity, composed of everything and nothing, a complete being, deserving my utmost respect.

And then I fell asleep, never actually reaching past that specific spot, never INTO the immaterial existence, just viewing it from outside. Sad, really, but affirming that there actually IS something my plants want to teach me.

I had glorious dreams that night. I dreamed about meeting a girl on my College campus, who had just broken up with her boyfriend, wearing all green, with the following symbol tattoed on her right cheek.


Postface: Has anyone ever actually seen that symbol before? It looks so familiar (but only because I saw it in my experience, I'm sure... Pseudo Deja-Vu). I'd really like to know what It means...


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Posted by Angelus Sancti on 01/26/2009
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I can't say that I have specifically seen that exact symbol with any sort of concrete analysis associated with it. However, the individual symbols themselves I can probably lend some insight in relation to your experience.

The downward pointing triangle has its origins in alchemy. It is one half of the star of david, which is an illustration of the conjoined forces of above and below, fire and water, mercury and sulfur - an illustration of those forces balanced within one being. The down pointing triangle, particularly, is an embodiment of man, or the physical being of man. It is one half of the alchemical equation for finding balance within oneself spiritually, physically as well as mentally. It is associated with both mercury and water, which lend their fluid aspects to our idea of spirit, which exists within the rigid confines of our egos.

The ring around the triangle could represent just about anything. An ouroboros, perhaps? It is not uncommon to see them drawn around the conjoined triangles

You should google up the woodcuttings 'Opus Medico Chymicum' and 'L'Azoth des Philosophes' in google images, to see if either of those are at all similar or familiar.

Your trip seems to be along the same lines of trying to connect to The All, or trying to combine these forces of above and below. Your imagery, however, seems to only give you one half of the whole. Wiki has an adequate article on 'The All' that might be a good starting point for you.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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<img src="">

Something like this, there are closer models but I found this in 30 seconds...


Posted by grimjim on 07/14/2011
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Thanks 9tails for (inadvertently) leading me to this post. Thanks ArcyGenical for the graphics and gateway vision. A post from a long time ago, but enlightening and enjoyable right now.

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