Salvia Trip

So little, but so much


Posted by grimjim on 14/07/2011
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Method of Ingestion:smoke

I have not had any for a little while, having contented myself with weed and some new things recently, like Marihuanilla and Mean Green from, and some mexican dream weed, which works quite nicely.
Anyway, its been a while since SD, chiefly because I've been kind of waiting for the right moment. I'm actually kind of a little afraid of the SD trip and what it does to me, which is probably a good thing.

Well tonight, after a couple of glasses of wine, and in a good mood, I thought it can't hurt to have just the tiniest snippet that is in the bottom of my 10x phial. It was literally a mean pinch, the dregs, which I had to tap out onto some paper to get enough to put into my pipe. So I lit, and held in for as long as possible to get what I could from this tiny snippet.

And once again, oh the insane ecstacy of this stuff amazes me. Not a full on trip, (I took so little!) but incredible how it seems to flip you over, and give you the hot sweats in such a simple innocent moment. Everything becomes enhanced and you go into that ODDLY SMELLING recollection and recognition of a strange place you've been before. In and out in only 5 minutes or so, but when you're in, it's so alive and edgy. I didn't want a big trip just before bedtime in a house with other people. Just as well, it was just a little bit! Christ, this stuff can be so overwhelming, so amazing, so revealing, yet leave you as you were, a little unhinged by the experience, but not addicted. If anything it leaves you UNaddicted. Like you are wary of having another trip - well that's what it does to me at least. I will have more, but in my own time, when I am ready. It's been months since my last SD smoke. It feels like each time is a new learning (even in that tiny short moment, something far more expansive is opened for me).

And once again, I am left rubbing my eyes at 1.15am, reflecting on the wonderful world I am part of, and how my spirit interacts with this physical place, and what is it that I feel and hear and see when Salvia opens that door. The bizarre other side? The amazing odd creativity and randomness of those creatures and spirits that I sense when I take this stuff. The things which mold and push this reality into place. Just incredible.


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