Salvia Trip

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Posted by Anonymous on 08/12/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked Bowl

I was sitting in my room listening to music and I was feeling very good. I was well rested and had a full stomach. I decided to pack a bowl of some Salvia I had left over. I turned on a song I thought would be awesome to trip to and chose Eminem- Stimulate. (AWESOME CHOICE). I packed the bowl hit it and waited for the ride of my life. I dont remember the first minute or two because it was so intense. Then I started hearing the music. It was unreal... The lyrics in the song made me feel like some unearthly entity was talking to me and telling me that they were going to take me away when the time was right. I also felt like the top of y head was opening and losing and someone was packing information in there, if that makes any sense. Visually, everything was separated into smaller pieces, like Legos. I felt like I was able to grab portions of my T.V or my computer. I recorded myself during the trip to see if I would talk or do anything out of the ordinary. I saw my face completely space out which was astonishing. Also, as I started coming down I started talking to the entity I believed was there. I was asking them to "come back," and to "take me with them," this freaked me out a little. I will never forget this trip, I seriously came out a different person.


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