Salvia Trip

Song i wrote about my first trip


Posted by hendrix_420 on 09/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

Salvia Daze

30 seconds i was gone,
Anyone could see,
It dragged my body underground,
It really fucked with me,

Everybody disappeared,
My head felt like a balloon,
I was in a lot of fear,
I turned into a cartoon
My body felt like a rock,
Everything was spinning
And I was talking to a sock,

It felt like the beginning,
Of a new trip,
I saw a wall turn in to heaven,
I couldnt get a grip,

It brought back old memories,
I was reading my dreams,
It gave my mind a message,
"You are human
You can bleed."

It fucked my mind in two,
Everything started coming back to me,
I felt like i was in a cocoon,
I could finally break free,
People started talking,
Then i could see
That world was nothing but a
Fucked a up dream.


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Posted by hero4evz on 01/09/2009
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Doesn't sound like a level 1.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 01/09/2009
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whatever it is that girl put a spell on me.. help help me.. purple haze..



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