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Posted by Ninetails on 12/07/2011
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I've been smoking salvia for something like 10 years, not that one uses it every day. Recently my friends and I all took a salvia trip, and I wanted to write about my experiences.

For starters, I had taken a light trip a little before, so I wanted to make sure I "got enough" this time. So I loaded a bong and a pipe with big hits in each, turned on some Deadmau5 (techno music) and sat back on my couch, babysitters watching eagerly. I took a bong rip and held it in until I felt the effects start to kick in, maybe 15-20 seconds. I exhaled as I started to trip, which is my usual suggestion. Since this was to be a "strong" trip, I immediately followed with a big hit from the glass pipe and lied down.

I don't remember exhaling, but my friends told me that I went so rigid I arched into a backbend (I vaguely remember this) for about 20 seconds like a gymnast on the couch. When my consciousness next returned, the landscape was unfolding into and endless series of frames, and my friends' faces were slipping away. But I remembered my plan to tell them what I was seeing, so I called to my friend to come over to me. I tried to explain what I was seeing, but I couldn't master my vocal functions so I gave up. It seemed like everything in physical reality was one large mass and my friends and I were just heads popping out of the same body, so I felt that by moving my own body I could bring them closer.

My friend came over and I put my hand on his shoulder, so now it really "felt" like we had one body haha! I realized that we live together because we think alike and realized how similar that made us. I wanted to pull myself up out of the "one body" we shared and felt like I could if I rolled over in the right way, and I started to roll upside-down over my friend's shoulder but retained enough of my sense (and experience) to realize I'd disrupt the "flow" of things if I fell down, so I stopped myself. Throughout all of this I felt like I was being propelled by some centrifugal force pulling me outwards, and by holding onto my friends I was pulling them with me!

With a little support I stood up to explore my "new" environment. The music had become INSANE! It was definitely (in my estimation) talking to me, and talking about what I was doing...go check out Deadmau5 "Ghosts and Stuff" and you'll see why...I mean it is a song about leaving your body after all! But I felt that by flexing some force I could create a living thing from the music, and I was doing it, in fact (from my perspective). But I lost the energy to form a life single-handedly and it seemed like my creation was ripped in half, which made me sad since it seemed conscious of the pain, and I felt like a pretty poor creator at that point.

Then a "voice" or a "feeling" seemed to enter my consciousness and was saying to me "Ok, time to go now," and ushering me along this spiraling energy path. It seemed that I could ride this spiral to the stars, that leaving the Earth was just a few frames away, like humanity was a huge line leading up to me from behind, but in front of me was just the blackness of the Void. Like I would be blazing this trail! But I didn't want to leave my friends behind, and I didn't have anywhere in specific to go. I was making every attempt to stall the force that was pulling me, negotiating with it verbally. I got the very strong feeling that if I wouldn't go with the spiral then some "agents" would come force me on, and I still felt a little guilty about killing Deadmau5 so I finally went on.

But luckily I stalled just long enough and the trip was winding down. By this point I had gone into my backyard to look up at the stars, which I felt I was just about to pulled out towards, and I felt like I had almost slid right off the Earth and just barely stopped myself in California! Like some cartoon character with smoking heels. Whew.

One thing I can say is that this experience of spirals is so common to the salvia experience that I wonder sometimes what would happen if I really did try to follow them physically, but there are fences and houses in the way and so it's not always possible.

Another thing is how common this feeling of the body dissolving into the rest of the physical world is. And how if that's the case, our consciousness seems less bound to the body than we usually think.


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Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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I 5*ed my own story, haha, just for the press though!


Posted by grimjim on 07/14/2011
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Good story. Wise rating. I like that you were one with your friend. I think it was your respect for your friend that kept you from falling down, as you put it. It sounds like you lost your self belief to be a creator of the life from the music.

The learning about humanity's history and blazing the trail sounds wonderful. And you sound like a very caring person, with your friends in mind, not wanting to leave them behind. That's ok though! They will catch up in good time.

Spirals and frames, edges, realizations, flipping, resetting, teaching, unfolding, or just plain confusion. Too much always for our minds to behold and comprehend.

See you in time, Cat with Ninetails.

I AM --- in this life simply a spirit called Jim.


Posted by rogerdances on 07/28/2011
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i know what you mean, i was listening to bud-hist meditation music and it was talking to me to, only since i was freaking out its more like i was being made fun of for tripping so hard.

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