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Posted by Anonymous on 10/07/2011
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Type/Strength:20x extract
Method of Ingestion:wood pipe

So i'm a pot head and naturally love acid and mushrooms, and after i was convinced i was getting some fungus, i received none and went to buy some saliva in my desperation. LUCKILY for me they only had 20X and were out of 40 and 60.Now at this point, my friends had me convinced 20x was weak and you barely felt it, so i went home, got some Chinese mediation music playing and just ripped the hell out of that bowl, i almost didn't finish it all, so i wen't back in for seconds before it kicked in.i think where i went wrong is, that i just smoked a whole bowl of saliva in one massive rip. So at this point it feels like someone is putting enormous pressure on the sides of my torso neck and head, and the point on my neck where i feel the pressure is even starting to hurt, and i started rubbing at it to make it stop. this is when i was no longer in my room and was in a field looking up at like a drive in theater screen, which is bizarre to me because my friends lived in a house that was next to a abandoned drive in, just like the one i was at. and on the screen is my room from how i would have seen it from where i was sitting, only it looked like some one was flicking a deck of cards, like when you just use your thumb to click them into each other. its UN-explainable, so we shall leave it at that. but each time a new "card" flips down, it resets my position in the field, so i'm trying to get up and walk towards the screen, which i established was the portal of reality, but each few steps i'm reset to the sitting position.(it funny to think that in reality i was probably just getting up and sitting down repeatedly) and the whole time someones talking to me regardless of the fact that I'm alone, i couldn't establish what the voices were telling me, but they were coming from the heavens, and even though i couldn't under stand them, i knew they were saying something along the lines of "well, you wanted to trip, so hows it going asshole" Im terrified that this is what my reality has become, and i'm convinced spirits are talking to me and that i'm going to be trapped in this dream forever. i finally make it to the screen in the field and come to realize i'm standing at my computer screen, and the you tube song i'm playing has a field in the background. I WAS IN MY FUCKING COMPUTER LOOKING AT MY ROOM!!!!!!!! obviously not really, but the fact that my surroundings affected the trip that much is amazing. so i stop the music, and realize that the song had been playing for 2 or 3 minutes, and i still had about 10 more of tripping left. all the visuals had stopped at this point other then weird shit, like the tv turning on really really slow. so the next 10 minutes was me rolling around on the floor clutching my head begging for a end, jumped in a cold shower to try and sober myself. the worse part about coming down is that you have no clue if your still tripping or not. at least i didn't.


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Posted by rogerdances on 07/10/2011
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yea, i wrote this and didn't log in apparently. a first time saliva user shouldn't rip that shit like it's a bowl of his favorite ganja. any feed back on how i should adjust shit for my next trip would be appreciated.


Posted by grimjim on 07/11/2011
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Nice report there. The pack of cards flipping and resetting is a common thing in salvia trips. (By the way its salvia, not saliva, LOL).

Anyway, I find that even with 5x strength you can get a nice trip by holding your breath in for a good long time. Basically you only need a small pinch of 20x (say the size of half a pea), don't go mad or you'll use it up too quickly. Get it lit nice and hot, breath in good and hard (drawing air in the sides of your mouth as well if you are prone to coughing on a hot hit, but it sounds like you know how to take a toke!). The key to it I think is how long you hold your breath.
So just use a small amount of salvia, but count say 3 seconds, or 5, or 10, or 30 (if you get there, lol) before you exhale.

That sounded pretty cool being inside your computer looking out, very strange!


Posted by grimjim on 07/11/2011
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Oh, and the pressure thing is something I often get, as if someone is pushing me to one side.


Posted by rogerdances on 07/11/2011
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well i tried a lil bit today in a much smaller amount, id say that pushing feeling is like someone trying to push your soul out of your body, cause i was with friends and it took all i had to stay in touch with the fact that they were there, and the more intense the pushing got, the harder it was to focus on what was there.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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Very true, the idea of a "deck of cards flipping" is practically uniform, it probably has something to do with how we interpret quantum moments in succession or something similar, just a guess

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