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Standing trip at festival


Posted by Cuthbert on 07/07/2009
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I have used salvia for a while now, and have seen and experience some wonderful things with itshelp.

However, until last week i had never done a salvia trip while standing or while in a very public place, this was soon to change.

I was at glastonbury festival watching Bruce Springsteen when i took two big bowls of 35x. Wow, what a hit that was. I didn't wobble or fall over at all, but the rest of the world did. The stage flipped onto its side and rotated to the side slightly, it was just like laying down and looking at the TV from the side. This appeared on the left part of my vision. On my right i could see the side profile of the crowd as they watched and sang along with Bruce Springsteen. I was observing them as if i was stood completely alone and not a part of the crowd myself. It was probably one of my more basic trips, but at the same time it was the most bizarre experience because the open eyed visuals were truely amazing. As i came back to reality, the only words i could utter were "f*** me" with the biggest silliest grin on my face.

Please do not try this unless you really are very comfortable with salvia, no matter where it takes you, and that you have responsible sitters too.

It was a splendid experience that i shall always remember.


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Posted by Cuthbert on 07/08/2009
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Sorry, this was a level 4 not a level 6 as indicated:)


Posted by Synchronium on 07/09/2009
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Fixed. :)

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