Salvia Trip

Step 3 - Voices


Posted by Anonymous on 18/01/2008
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Dosage:1/10 of a gram
Method of Ingestion:Bong

I'm building up at the moment before i try and break into the higher levels so i figured 2 small hits would be okay, im not gonna write a long report but just thought i would note that im finding it hard to take a second hit as it goes to my head to quickly, thinking of investing in a sitter to assist.

i had preloaded 2 hits worth onto separate gauzes but before even exhaling the first i was finding moving more of an effort than it was worth, i rested my head on my window sill and dumped the remains into my ash tray, when i thought about doing th second hit i started hearing voices from the ash tray telling me i didnt need more, as if a little city was living in my tray and the leader was trying to convince me. after battleing with this voice i tried to take the second hit and didnt do a good job of it, burning only half the hit and not holding for long.

i gave up and moved to my bed where i had pre set up my laptop with music and visuals, watched them for a while, at one point the words really seemed to apply to me and i thought it was so perfect, but after relistening to the song i cant think for the life of me which lines it was. I tried out some music vids, watched them for the rest of the experience mesmerised by the real appearing people/ affects, but all the while i was firmly on my bed.

im looking faward to actually being moved by salvia, but im in no hurry to rush it. im learning bit by bit.

i will try and make my next post a little more interesting as this is all fairly standard stuff



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