Salvia Trip

Stepping over reality (eyes open)


Posted by Anonymous on 02/10/2007
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Method of Ingestion:2 lt waterfall/gravity

Alright this is my second trip post, again a hazey level five experience.  I found that when there is somesort of constand noise or beat that it can carry you into the salvia world, in this case simple laughter carried me into the world.  Two friends and myself bought a gram of 20x salvia for 30 bucks at the local head shot and expierienced it all at the same time.  We all took our hits, some bigger then others everyones expierienceing there own thing.  my friends described me as i was going on the trip and they didnt understand really what i was doing or why i was doing it.

  I took my hit and held it until my vision started to fade and blew out, hitting me instantly and every one els who exhaled at around the same time i did, we began to laugh because of a friend trying to talk shortly after his exhale and all that really came out of his mouth was a "blaahh" and a large sum of drool.  As we started to laugh my laugh dyed down whie the others increased and with a smile still on my face i stared forward and started mumbling and shifting feet from left to right foot, like as if an extremily drunk person was walking on a treadmill or on spot.  after about 30sec-1min of doing this i took a big step and stumbled a little and tried to explain what i just expierienced but couldnt untill the effect dyed down a little. 

In my mind as i was doing the creepy walk thing i was seeing somthing totally different.  The look forward was the fence infront of me growing about twice its size and once at the peek of its height falling in my direction, but the fence never hit me, the two posts that should have hit me dissapierd and turned into buildings on my right and left hand side where as the posts that missed me turned into the western scencery, a sort of swirly colourfull, western shoot out desert.  Anyway the buildings were about the same size as i was and the wierd walk i was doing earlier was me walking donw the road with the buildings very close to me and the same hight-The further down i looked the smaller the buildings got, and in one of the saloons passing me there was the holly dolly hipo waving at me and dancing (notice the picture below or above or go to and search holly dolly) my next step was a rather big one and i basicly steped out of the salvia world into reality, stumbling in reality.

  This was a very injoyable expierience and I wish i would have remembered it clearly or posted this right after the expierience, enjoy! ;D


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