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Posted by parker2783 on 11/06/2011
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Method of Ingestion:bong

so had my first experience with salvia yesterday, was cautious not to over doit with it being mine and my mates first time trying it, so took a very small amount and hit it on the bong, held it in for around 15sec then upon blowing it out if felt gravity pulling me down, was a very strange feelin, so next bong i half fill my bowl, rip the bong again and hold it for 15sec, this time i felt my body being pulled rather than just the feeling of gravity, so i stand up to see how my balance was and it was weird, i was capable of picking up my bottle of water and drink it so i wasn't completely gone, however there was a definite separation between mind and body, if only a mild one, this lasted for around 2 mins then started to fade away, i feel like i only just touched the surface of salvia world, and will be venturing back tonight! :)


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Posted by Dreamer on 06/11/2011
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Just dive in! My first time was with 20x from a bong and I was propelled into another dimension but the visuals that I saw I remembered from "before". The way I felt I couldn't believe that I could have possibly forgotten. For me, everytime I visit Salvialand, it feels like the "real me" is awakend and reinvigorated. I've had some the best, gut wrenching laughter as a result of salvia. Treat it with respect though...


Posted by parker2783 on 06/13/2011
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thanks for the comment, yea so tried again last night and HOLY SHIT that stuff is madness! will post up! peace

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