Salvia Trip



Posted by Anonymous on 31/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:smoke

The trip was the strangest experience of my life. I took my dosage, and I watched as everything in the house broke into tiny shards. The shards came together....and I was now lying on a beach looking up at a very pure blue was beautiful. Then i began to notice the morphed into a giant eye staring down at me. Then they eye closed and day turned to night.
Soon after the eye closed, the beach began to rumble and a giant mouth opened up beneath me and swallowed me. I was sliding down a tunnel of bright colors and odd shapes...until everything went dark. I began to feel like I was flying faster than light and I noticed a glowing spec ahead of i got closer I realized it was the Earth....well half of it. There was a long line of people standing from the north to south poles and at the head of the line stood the Grim Reaper. Everytime he swung his scythe... the person at the front of the line would jump off the rift formed by the earths bifurcation. As they jumped off, they re-appeared at the back of the line....and it kept going in a continuous cycle.
I began to fly toward the earthat an amazing speed and landed in a park with one tree and nothing else. Closer inspection of the tree made realize that the tree was made of an arm and its branches made up of smaller arms. instead of sheading leaves when the wind blew...fingers broke off and the tree bled for time until the finger was replaced. which was biggr than the previous finger.
And so as I began coming off the effects the drug everything seemed to fade away until all was dark. I then began to notice the features of my room and I began to regain my sense of reality.


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