Salvia Trip

Strange Root Vision


Posted by Anonymous on 13/07/2010
Avg Rating: Unrated

Type/Strength:10x Standardized
Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

This is about the first time i tried salvia. I tried it inside a car (not the brightest idea). First thing I noticed was the change in gravity, I felt as if the car was flipped sideways and I found myself leaning against the side door. After the feeling of overwhelming gravity shift I decided to just give into the trip and close my eyes. Suddenly I felt a female presence somewhat like a mothers pure love but stronger. Suddenly I felt very safe and happy, I was in a trance that I wished never ended. Then I started getting open eye visuals, and the first thing I saw was giant roots from a tree under the earth and they extended all throughout the world connecting all living things in this earth and I felt as if EVERYTHING was false other than the moment I was in. Suddenly I felt the femaly presence at its peak and then I realized I had my hands in prayer position and I was doing weird signs with my arms but at the same time they felt so right. Then the moment was ruined thanks to my sitter who wouldn't shut up. But I did have a great afterglow for the rest of the night.

p.s. As you can see I'm not the best storyteller but I would really appreciate any comments or advice.


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