Salvia Trip

strange salvia trip


Posted by Anonymous on 09/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoked

At first i got comfortable and started using the bong as friends instructed (as i dont usualy try drugs but this was an expirence i decided was worth trying) after the first bong i felt light headed, "waves" could be seen on my surroundings and i felt different but the effect wasn't too different than reality, my friend suggested another bong so i did as instructed.
after the second hit i could realy feel it, when my friend told me to blow the smoke out i just burst into laughter, then everything went black - i lost focus on where i was and who i am. i felt as if i was being pulled backwards... but my back didnt seem to hit the bed i just kept falling backwards in a 360 degree slow spin through the blackness - as this began to wear off (after around what felt like mins but was realy only 30 seconds) i could see three seperate windows of my friends as if reality was overlapping each other and distorted voices like echoing... i finally tryed to get back to reality but couldn't and started to panic... luckly my friends laughter was noticable and it made me feel better and i calmed down realiseing where i was and what was going on - then i was back in his room watching my friend do his bong i got up and had mild effects of giggles but no more visual or audio expirience followed. overall it was a nice trip and will be having a go again with a more calm relaxed aproach to see how it go's - good stuff


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