Salvia Trip

Sunny afternoon, meaningful shadows


Posted by penumbra on 15/03/2008
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Dosage:1/2 bowl
Method of Ingestion:Smoked

I decided to experiment with salvia again on a beautiful weekday afternoon. This was one of the first sunny days after almost a week of rain and everything within sight from my girlfriend’s bedroom window was dewy and thriving. The air outside was crisp and, measuring out a careful amount of 5x (I wasn’t looking for an out of body experience), I noticed that something about that the window I was standing at attracted the attention of an iridescent hummingbird and an energetic butterfly. This set the stage for a comfortable experience.
My girlfriend and I have an understanding with each other regarding salvia usage. There have been a few occasions where she and I have tripped in each other’s presence but, in most cases, have found this to be awkward. We both appreciate privacy.
Thusly, as she was in the kitchen reading the newspaper, I sat on the end of her bed near the sunny window with the hummingbird and butterfly visitors and took in three large inhalations of smoke. Between the second and third tokes the feeling snuck up on me from behind and soaked through my brain from the back to the front, saturating it (it felt) the instant I lied down and placed my hands behind my head.
I smiled knowing that this wasn’t going to be a debilitating excursion to another dimension but rather a contemplation of the one I'm used to. The birdsong that came in through the crack in my girlfriend’s bedroom window seemed incredibly baroque. A clearly defined tempo existed in the chirps of the bird that led the melody of the outdoors and, within the confines of this tempo the other birds, led by a universal conductor, sang complex harmonies over the first bird’s foundational chirping; trilling at the end of each measure as a harpsichord would. The afternoon’s sun shone through the blinds onto the blanket I had pulled over myself, casting shadows that seemed to compliment each other to form a large work of art.
Accompanied by the orchestral birds, these shadows became very dynamic, resembling in some way each thought that entered my mind. At first the folds of the blanket became ripples through water and I felt as though I was part of one of the many puddles I had seen that day. This feeling dissipated and took on a more abstract form, each shadowy ripple becoming a unique vein of my life. The most prominent ripple represented my girlfriend, likely because I was in her bed. The lesser ripples that ran parallel to my girlfriend’s dominant shadow were old friends and peripheral people in my life. Further contemplation of this metaphor led me to realize that the shadows produced by the ripples in the blanket seemed to represent one type of person while the lighter but broader shadows formed by the window blinds were people that were once important to me but have for the most part vanished in my life. I hadn’t noticed that these fainter shadows covered more than just the blanket and looked over the edge of the bed to see that they fell upon the young coleus plants that my girlfriend had started from seed a few months back.
Upon hitting the variegated leaves and flowing over their intricate texture, the shadows that represented the people of my past took on very faint hints of their visages. Although I didn’t see their faces in whole, when the wind would rustle the blinds or when the light would change, subtle components of their faces would become apparent for a split second. This continued until I started to look at other components of the plants and the eyes, mouths, and cheek bones appeared less frequently.
I then regained my natural mindset and lied in bed for a few more minutes before coming out to see my girlfriend standing in the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of juice and sat at her kitchen table, looking out at the window again at the still wet hills of Los Feliz. She and I both went to her bedroom to lie down, and I, before getting onto her bed, told her to look out the window to see if the hummingbird and butterfly were still there. Neither flew up to the window as they had done earlier but, as we looked out across the neighbor’s yard in the direction of a recovering Griffith Park, a large hawk in the lower branches of the closest evergreen glanced at us before leaping into the air. I saw my girlfriend differently knowing that she was the prominent ripple from earlier that afternoon and slept next to her comfortably until sunset.


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Posted by CerroQuemado on 09/22/2008
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how vivid!
salvia normally scares me
but this sounds nice


Posted by DonS on 09/23/2008
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VERY nice report, vividly written. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

I myself am looking for a way to travel back in time in some similar way without it being "a debilitating excursion to another dimension but rather a contemplation of the one I'm used to." Great description.

Nice writing, thanks!

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