Salvia Trip

super market swing


Posted by Anonymous on 07/01/2011
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Type/Strength:extract 20X
Method of Ingestion:Water Pipe

It was only about half an hour from when I'm writting this and it's the second time I've done salvia and it's actually worked. the first time I took salvia i just giggled a little the second time I used too much. My third experience tonight was really strange I used much less than I did the time before his but had a similar trip that was a lot more mild in comparison.

I barely covered the bottom of the bowl and lit up. As I put the bong down I felt a little funny but didn't think it had worked then suddenly the trip, well the only way to describe it is it swung in from the right it made me feel like I was in a super market in hell or something not fir and brimmstone hell just like the only way to explain it was before this my life was a story and I broke the story so it turned into a really frightening first person plot twist.

It lasted about 5 minutes I came up and with the swinging super market (by the way it wasn't fun happy time swinging it was not good) came this malevolent presence that forcefully convinced me it was my sister not my realy sister but like a sister that was angry with me so punished me by beating me not physically kind of psychically or mentally but it hurt and I had a lot of regret I knew it was because I took the salvia so I could only think I'm never doing thi again this was such a bad idea and i should have never done it.

I had a friend sitting with me whilst I took it to make sure I didn't do any thing to hurt my self or anyone else whilst on my trip I shouted or kind of slurred things to him such as "I remember the super market swing", "I know she's not my sister she's lying!" and "I know their tricks!" when I came out I apologised to him and went for a ciggerette. even though both my trips have more or less been similar (the first was a lot more intense but the same kind of thing, however because it was the first time I didn't "know her tricks" and I had used about twice as much so it was more intense.) I've regretted both my trips while tripping but afterwards I still want to do it again and i feel like I enjoyed it even though I didn't at the time it's really strange.

well I've gone on long enough I would definatly recomend it just show it some respect.


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