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Posted by Anonymous on 11/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Pipe

Oh my - I have taken LSD and mushrooms before - lots in my youth - and tripped into the beyond - but this is like an immediate portal to . . .

I lit the pipe and wham! This year I'd been reading a lot on spirituality and Advaita, and recently an e-book called The Superhero Handbook ( - and Salvia took me there - to Oneness - but I was an ego looking in and felt that I shouldn't really be there - that I should follow 'the path' and not use this drug. I knew that all was nothing, empty, without meaning or importance, that my wife and child were nothing, that all was not here - and it made me feel alone and dead and down and fascinated and in mourning because I was an ego looking into the Truth - and not reaching that state/non-state by following the 'the path' whereby my ego would have been destroyed (due to being an illusion) by touching the Truth.

I need to take a bigger hit and maybe my ego will not follow Me in?! A very powerful and amazing plant! It took me to a place - some place - a place, maybe, that I'd been pondering for a while but not experiencing because of my not being able to get past the ego. Maybe the whole trip was just that - an experience of what I'd been experiencing but in the salvia realm.


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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/12/2009
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Journeying with salvia is training for leaving the ego behind. The first few times I journeyed, I was struck by just how much ego I have left, which was surprising since I've been meditating and practicing spirituality and metaphysics for about 20 years.

The more you do Salvia, the more you learn to let go (that is, if you have that intention and work on it). It's an amazing experience, and bring much wisdom and insight to the spiritual path.

Best of luck with your journeying.

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