Salvia Trip

Sweating my ass off!


Posted by Anonymous on 02/08/2008
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Type/Strength:plain leaf
Dosage:2 bowls
Method of Ingestion:glass pipe inhaled

Just wanted to make a quick report. I had a few leaves dried out from taking some clones so I decided to smoke some Salvia to relax. After 2 bowls I am sweating my ass off. It's one of the side effects of smoking Sally that I could live without. Otherwise it is a very relaxing night to smoke a few bowls. I am sitting here listening to some music and enjoying the night but think I am going to have to take a cool shower to get all this sweat off of me... It seems like every time I smoke Salvia I first go through this sweating phase. After a while of sweating (Maybe 10 to 15 minutes) if I want to go deeper I can smoke more and don't seem to sweat anymore. But if I try to go straight to level 3 or 4 with extracts I wind up sitting in a pool of my own sweat...yuck!

I have said it before and I'll say it again. I think smoking Salvia outside would be very enjoyable. Especially with a breeze to keep you cool from sweating... One day I'll get a trusty sitter again and try it... until next time...


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